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Wunderground has been my go-to weather webpage for ages, and the recently launched FullScreenWeather reminds me why. Simply put, this online weather service is the web’s no-nonsense answer to your parent’s beloved weatherman.

When you load the site you’ll be asked where you live. Type your location and you’ll be a shown a Google Map highlighting temperatures in your area. To the left of this will be the current conditions, as well as your five-day forecast.

online weather services

But that’s not all. You can change the map to show cloud patterns in your area, as well as current precipitation: all you need to do is click the links at the top of the screen (nothing happened for me, because I live in sunny Colorado, but I’m sure the rest of the world will find this quite useful).

Finally, if you want more detail than this service can offer, a link to Wunderground will take care of the rest. This is going to be my new weather service of choice, that’s for sure.


  • Clean interface for the weather including current conditions and four-day forecast.
  • Google Map of local area can show temperatures, cloud cover and precipitation.
  • Select from numerous local locations for weather information.

Check out FullScreenWeather @

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  1. Cari
    February 18, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Just when I thought WU couldn't get any better! Not so sunny on the west slope of Colorado this winter :) So OVER it!