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One of the things some people don’t like about their Android tablets is that the system bar at the bottom follows you everywhere. Even if switch to full screen mode the system bar will still be there at the bottom. There are no settings or shortcuts that let you hide it easily. You can hide it only if you get into really technical stuff and do some source code tweaks, which is not an option for regular users. So if you are also annoyed by the ever present system bar, now you easily hide thanks to Full!screen.

hide bottom bar android tablet


It is a handy app for Android tablets that lets you hide the system bar and use your tablet in full screen-mode without losing systembar’s notifications and navigation options. It replaces the system bar and provides alternative buttons with which you can play games, watch videos, surf the web, navigate the page (go to home screen or back/forth), access notifications and switch between recently used apps. Buttons are tucked away in the bottom right corner.You can configure these buttons – their function,visibility, position and size as you see fit to your needs from within the app’s settings.

The app is free but there is also a paid version with an automatic mode that enter full screen mode when certain apps are launched.





  • Hides the bottom system bar on Android tablets
  • Configure bottom bar buttons – functions, visibility, position and size
  • Go back – Navigate with apps
  • Go to homescreen
  • Show recent apps
  • Show notifications
  • Restore system bar at will
  • Open apps menus
  • Tweak button position and opacity
  • Requires rooted tablet or phone to let the app access the necessary services
  • Pie-Menu: Opens a configurable pie-menu

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