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Newly launched web service that lets you track, share and compare your gas mileage with others. Once you have signed up and added enough data, you will get some nice stats such as:

      – how much you are paying for a tank of fuel,


      – how much you have paid in total,


      – the amount you have saved,


    – and so on.
track gas mileage

You can even compare your fuel consumption with some other user who has the same type of car. By looking at all these data you can find out how much money you can save on gas with small driving changes.

It further lets you browse MPG (miles per gallon) data for differen car models. Almost 4000 car models represented.



  • Track gas mileage and see how much you can save.
  • Check out data of other drivers with similar cars.
  • See how your mileage compares with EPA estimates.
  • Get MPG data for different car models.
  • Tips to minimize the fuel consumption.
  • Check out tips and a discussion forum section for advice.
  • Access Fuelly website directly from your mobile phone.

Talking about fuel consuption and costs I think you might be also interested in one article we have published couple of months ago. See “6 Smart Websites To Save Money on Gas 6 Smart Websites To Save Money on Gas 6 Smart Websites To Save Money on Gas Read More “. Also see GasForFree (free gas in exchange for ads on your car), FuelMeUp (gas prices in your area) and MyMileMaker.

Check out Fuelly @

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