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FuelCostCalculator lets you calculate the gas cost for your road trip between two locations in US. It automatically adjusts to current gas prices and your car model. Just select your starting and destination cities, your vehicle details (make, model,year) and hit on the “Calculate” button. FuelCostCalculator then gives you one way and round trip gas costs.

calculate gas cost for trip

calculate fuel cost of journey


  • Calculate fuel cost of journey between 2 locations in US
  • Calculator automatically takes into account the up-to-date gasoline prices and your car model details
  • Gasoline prices supplied by Fuel Gauge Report, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OPIS (Oil Price Information Service)
  • View today’s’ average gasoline prices in different US geographical regions
  • Free, no registration needed.
  • Similar websites: DrivePricing and Fuelly.

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