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FuelCharts is a handy app that lets you monitor your energy usage online and helps you find out just how much energy does a house use. It lets you track, chart, and set up reminders for all of your home energy needs. Having this information will allow you to understand where your energy budget is being spent.

how much energy does a house use

To track your energy usage, input the type of fuel that you used, the amount paid, amount bought/used, and the date of purchase. The site will automatically tabulate the data for you. You can also generate charts and graphs to help you visualize your energy usage by fuel type or fuel cost by month. In addition, you can set e-mail reminders in your account regarding your energy use.


  • Track your energy usage month-to-month and year-to-year for free.
  • Save money by analyzing heavy usage months.
  • Track several fuel types including electricity, oil, biodiesel, propate, kerosene, and more.
  • Setup e-mail reminders to check your oil tank, pay a bill, and more.
  • Set reminders based on previous purchase dates.

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