Fruji: Complete Analytics Of Your Twitter Followers

Do you want to know more about who follows you on Twitter? More specifically, do you want to know how influential and powerful your Twitter followers are? If so, Fruji is an incredibly powerful platform for finding out this valuable information. You simply log in with your Twitter account and it does the rest.

fruji e1343995778322   Fruji: Complete Analytics Of Your Twitter Followers

Running the report on your Twitter account will take quite a long time. You do not have to sit there and wait because when you register you have to provide your email. You simply set the scan up and they will send you an email when your report is ready to go. Simply click the link they send and you will be ready to find out how important your followers are. It will tell you how many verified accounts follow you and give you a general feel for how many important people follow you.

fruji2   Fruji: Complete Analytics Of Your Twitter Followers

Besides the importance of followers, Fruji gives you plenty of other useful information. It will show you people who follow you who are likely marketers based on their following to follower ratio. It’s likely that someone who has an almost equal follower and following is a marketer who uses a lot of follow back programs.

For the hardcore Twitter user, this is an incredible valuable tool for analyzing your Twitter account. If you are looking for more than the basic features, you can upgrade to a premium account and get even more information.


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