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Have you ever seen a video of an animal that just left you in awe? I have. Animals have always been a fascination of mine, and I know it’s not just me – there are a lot of you who feel the same. Now, animals aren’t difficult to like, especially the cute ones. But It’s not just about how cute they are – we are fascinated by not only their physical capabilities, but also by their emotional ones.

I think much of what we enjoy about animals lies in how they interact with each other and our planet, and perhaps we wish that we, as humans, could be simpler like them as well.

Face-Off with a Deadly Predator – The Leopard Seal

Paul Nicklen, a wildlife photographer 10 Amazing Nature & Wildlife Photographers That You Should Follow 10 Amazing Nature & Wildlife Photographers That You Should Follow Nature and wildlife photography entices all of us. But we know so little about the creative people behind them. Let's take a look at some of the best wildlife photographers you should follow. Read More for National Geographic who specializes in arctic animals, went to Antarctica to document leopard seals, one of Antarctica’s most dangerous predators. In this short video he shares his experience with this “vicious” creature in hopes that our view of these animals and the importance of the Arctic will become more known. And in addition, he also gave a remarkable TED Talk, where he shared how he discovered his passion for the Arctic, and also talked in-depth about this particular story.

What Goes On When You Are Not There

When you go out into the woods to go camping or hiking, you may come across some wildlife, but chances are fairly slim since you’re in one specific area for such a short time (of course this depends where you are though). So what happens when you mount a camera out in the woods? Well… this.

Battle at Kruger

However, contrary to what I said about the last video, sometimes we do get to see some phenomenal happenings in the animal kingdom. When business partners Jason Schlosberg and David “Buzz” Budzinski and their wives went on a South African safari in Kruger National Park, they expected to see the typical things which most people do – animals grazing and moving around in their natural habitats. On their last day of the safari, they saw one of the most astonishing moments of nature that has ever been caught on video. But it wasn’t until 2 years later that it was uploaded to YouTube to be shared with a friend. Now the video has well over 70 million views and counting.

One of our readers, “1hegame”, actually recommended it as their favorite viral video in one of Dave Parrack’s column where he asked our reader about their favorite viral videos of all time. The year after it was uploaded, National Geographic even sent them back to Africa to do a documentary.

You can read more about the video on the official Battle At Kruger website, Jason’s photography website, NegativeSpace, and follow it on Facebook.

A Crocodile Who Made Friends with a Man

We’ve heard of some pretty incredible bonds that have been made between humans and animals (Lion King, Anita & The Wolves, Grizzly Man) , but one you would have never thought, surpasses them all. That is the friendship between Pocho a 17-foot, 1,000 pound Costa Rican crocodile and Gilberto Sheedan, also known as Chito. This bond started when Chito found the croc who had been shot in the eye and was nearly dead. After years of care, Chito finally felt that he had bonded with Pocho and began getting closer to him. Pocho the croc has since died at the age of 50, but the story of his friendship with Chito remains.

An Emotional Reunion

Speaking of amazing animal friendships, you won’t believe this emotional reunion between Christian the lion and his owners who raised him until he got too big for them to care for. The video below is only a little bit about Christian and his two human friends, but there is a video with the full story.

Two Dogs, Two Elephants, Two Incredible Friendships

You might be amazed to hear that a dog and an elephant formed an unbreakable friendship – that story in itself is incredible. But I’m here to tell you that there are two remarkable friendships, both consisting of one dog and one elephant, and ironically, both dogs’ names are “Bella”.

The first video is of Bella and Tara:

Here’s the second of Bella and Bubbles:

Orcas Vs. Sea Lions – A Surprising Ending

We all realize that Orcas (otherwise known as Killer Whales) feed on seals and sea lions. It might be hard for us to accept, but it’s the circle of life. However, this feeding frenzy comes with a surprising and unpredictable ending.

Cat in a Shark Costume Chases a Duck While Riding a Roomba

The title of this video really is sufficient enough. As one of the commenters of this video said, “this is a summary of the whole Internet.” The fact that this cat is completely content in a shark costume and on a Roomba (see our review on the iRobot Roomba iRobot Roomba 760 Review and Giveaway iRobot Roomba 760 Review and Giveaway Who doesn't like a clean house? Actually, let me rephrase that - who doesn't like a self-cleaning house? Imagine a world where you needn't lift a finger to sweep or mop your floor. We'll be... Read More too) is quite amazing really. Then add in the element of a duck being chased and a Pit Bull in yet another shark costume, and you have the making of a hilarious video. Her pets haven’t gone unnoticed either, she now has figured out how to make money off her pet videos.

Baby Rhino Charging

It’s amazing how young that instinct kicks in with young animals. With that said, it’s also neat to see how they rely on their parents for safety and refuge. Both of those are seen in this cute video of a baby rhino trying to defend his territory… trying – key word.

Kitty Plays with Two Bearded Dragons

Watching animals, especially different kinds, interact with each other has always been amazing to me. Watch how this kitten curiously inspects these “odd creatures” that are inhabiting its space.

Mongoose Vs Black Mamba

Do you remember the story of the mongoose named Rikki Tikki Tavi? I do and ever since then I have been fascinated with the mongoose and its ability to fight off and kill deadly snakes. You know that right? It’s not just a story – they really can do that. The video below of an amazing and tense face-off between a mongoose and a black mamba is the proof.


Of course, these twelve videos don’t even scratch the surface of all the awesome animals captured on video. You might also take a look at Craig’s article which features a few of the Smithsonian Channel Missing Shark Week? Enter The Amazing Animal World On The Smithsonian Channel Missing Shark Week? Enter The Amazing Animal World On The Smithsonian Channel Shark Week seems to be a pretty big deal to a lot of people, at least here in in the United States. If you've not heard of the Smithsonian Channel, you'll be delighted to know... Read More ‘s full-length videos, such as the world’s largest snake and fastest animals.

Which is your favorite animal video? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. joyce
    October 20, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Definitely the kitten and the two bearded dragons made me laugh the most, with delight and glee. All the others are outstanding too. Thanks.

    • Aaron C
      October 20, 2013 at 8:09 pm

      Glad you enjoyed them, Joyce!