Frisbee Forever – A Fun-Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

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image134   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]I love my iPad. I think I mention this almost every time I write about it. But in all honesty, for me the best part of having an iPad are the games. I have many apps on my iPad, but for every productivity or information app that I have, I probably have 5 games. It’s true. I think the iPad is the ultimate gaming platform, and I simply love the graphics, the feel and the convenience of it all.

Many of the really good games are paid apps, which is understood. But once in a while I stumble upon a real gem in the form of a really good game which is also free. One of these gems is Frisbee Forever. This fun-filled, engaging game will keep you busy for hours on end. It’s really that good, and coming from someone who can’t play a game for more than 10 minutes, that really means something. Frisbee Forever can be played on any iOS device, so you can also try it if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

The Game

The object of the game is to fly your frisbee through hoops and loops, collect starts and reach the black-and-white goal ring. This is easy at first, but gets increasingly complicated as you move up levels.

image135   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

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The game itself is composed of different “locations”, each consisting of 10 levels. You will need to pass these in order, and then you can go back and improve your score. The usual stuff. For each level you’ll get a bronze, silver or gold medal, according to the number of stars you managed to collect.

image136   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

Before you start playing, you’ll get to choose your controls. You can control your frisbee either by tapping the arrow icons on the sides of the screen or by tilting. I find that tapping is actually more enjoyable, but tilting is definitely more exciting (careful not to throw your iPad in the air while you’re at it. Remember – your iPad is not a frisbee!).

image137   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

For each 3 stars you collect you will get one star coin at the end of the level. You need these star coins to unlock new locations and to buy things from the cool store. In addition to that, the stars you collect will move you up in a different set of levels (see level 12 below).

image138   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

In order to unlock new locations you’ll need to have a certain number of star coins and to reach a certain level. If you don’t have both – no deal. You can unlock these locations in any order you want, so whatever’s available, go for it.

image139   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

The Fun Stuff

Don’t worry, you don’t need star coins for everything. As you progress in the game, new frisbee designs will open up for you. So if you’re jealous of my cool Heatwave frisbee, just keep playing the game and you’ll get it too. The more you play, the more options that open up.

image140   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

If you want even better stuff, there’s a wide variety of things you can buy with your star coins. From cool frisbee designs (some made by actual players) to different wallpapers , cool gadgets and boosts. You can also buy actual star coins for real money, and then spend them on frisbees and wallpapers. The options are endless!

image141   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

While you play, you will also unlock trophies. These are not your traditional trophies, but things like a Sun Lotion Trophy, a Well Fed Cat Trophy, a Cowboy Boot Trophy and so on. You get trophies for anything from completing all levels in a certain location to achieving certain speeds with your frisbee or crashing a certain number of times. It’s fun!

image142   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

If you’re thirsty for star coins, you’d be happy to know that sometimes you get them just for logging in and playing.

image143   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

The game in general is very friendly, and keeps giving you interesting tips while loading, such as “Don’t use your iDevice as an actual frisbee” or “Objects may be closer than they appear”. Some tips are actually more serious and useful than this, but I’m not sure which ones I prefer.

image144   Frisbee Forever   A Fun Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

Bottom Line

Frisbee Forever is really one of the best games I have on my iPad, if not the best one. I love the graphics, the gameplay, the options and the general attitude. Even the music and sounds, which can really become an annoyance in some games, only add to the general experience – and it all comes with a price tag you just can’t beat.

What did you think of Frisbee Forever? Do you know of any other awesome games we should try? Share them in the comments!

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