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Fring is an excellent mobile application that lets you talk and chat with your IM contacts using handset’s internet connection (GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi). Place a call or start chat conversation with anyone from your Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN, Twitter, or SIP contacts. Additionally, you can also swap music, pictures, video clips and other files with freinds, regardless whether they’re on mobile or PC.

Fring: Free mobile Calling and Chat

Feature Overview

  • Chat and Talk with Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Twitter contacts from your mobile for FREE.
  • See status (online/ offline/ busy) for all your friends regardless of which IM / VoIP client they use.
  • File Transfer: music, pictures, video clips, documents, etc.
  • Make cheap local and international calls over the internet using your SkypeOut credits or any other popular SIP provider (GizmoProject, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, Free World DialUp, SIPNET and others).
  • Keep automatic log of all outgoing and incoming Fring calls.
  • Send free SMS ‘Join Fring’ invitations to friends.
  • Works even without a SIM card. All you need is a public Wireless LAN hotspot.
  • No geographical restrictions.
  • Note: To use Fring your phone should be web-enabled. Although this is not a requirement if you’re in a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

How To: Free Mobile Calling with Fring

Twitter on Fring


How To: Make a SIP call using Fring

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    June 27, 2010 at 5:43 am

    Fring is one of the best IM and cell phone VoIP softwares out there, I usully use Skype on my laptop and Fring on my mobile phone.


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  12. Slackerzulu
    May 3, 2008 at 3:19 am

    On Iphone: This application will delete all your SMS if you recieve an incoming sms during a fring session. Not very good. Your sms.db will be corrupt.