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In the land of Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and YouTube, we need a way to be able to share our favorite movies with our friends. One website that can help you with this is Friends MovieBox. This startup lets you share any video link and then view the last videos shared by your friends.

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Friends MovieBox does not have its own hosted video service. While this is limiting, you can easily share videos to friends from any service just by pasting the movie link. Once shared, your friends can view the movie embedded directly in the website. You can also create or search for groups to help you find people who share your interests. Like any classic social network, you have your own profile, a message box, and newsfeed.

FriendsMovieBox is a neat website for sharing videos, and definitely useful to anyone who wants to make social connections based on videos that people watch. Since this app encourages friends to share links, this could potentially be the website to watch hard-to-find movies and alternative videos that cannot be readily shared in popular websites like Facebook and Twitter.


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