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When you want to share a large amount of text with your friends, email just won’t cut it. That’s where text sharing website FriendPaste comes in. It lets you paste a text or code snippet and share the link to it with any one youwant. It also lets you put a password and control who can view or edit it. If it was edited by someone, you can view the revision history, compare changes or create a new fork paste under a different link.

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If you are a computer programmer this is an ideal tool to paste code snippets and share with your programmer friends, as it supports most of the popular scripting and markup languages.


  • Simple text sharing tool.
  • Paste text and share the link with your friends
  • Control (optionally) who can view/edit the text by putting a password.
  • View history of paste edits, compare changes.
  • Create a new fork paste with its own link, from an existing paste
  • Use it to share programming code snippets.
  • Supports many programming markup and scripting languages (C++, Delphi, HTML, CSS, PHP etc.)
  • Free, no registration.
  • Missing: Browser add-on or bookmarklet for copying text would be really useful.
  • Similar sites:, cl1p and TextSave.

Check out FriendPaste @


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