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Head into the weekend by treating yourself to some of the best deals on Amazon UK today. If you sign up to the 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime you can get most of these items delivered tomorrow at no extra charge!

Y-Cam EVO Indoor HD Camera [23% Off] [CA]

There are a lot of smart home products hitting the market lately, but none are as useful as security cameras. This offering from Y-Cam allows you to view your home in real time using their Android or iOS app. You even get an alert when motion is detected. The camera comes with free 7 day cloud storage of your recordings.

Topop 87 Key Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard [39% Off]

If you miss the click of every key press, then you can indulge your sense of nostalgia with a mechanical keyboard. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons 3 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Mechanical Keyboard 3 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Mechanical Keyboard Read More that you may want to consider a mechanical keyboard too.

Aukey USB C To USB A 3.0 Adaptor (Two Pack) [32% Off] [CA]

While USB C has many benefits, its major downside is that you have to deal with changing all of your peripherals. Again. However, grab this two pack of USB C to USB A adaptors and you’ll be spared the upgrade cycle – for now.

Topop Carbon Monoxide Detector [13% Off]

Carbon monoxide is known as “the silent killer”. You can’t smell it, you can’t taste it, and you can’t see it. Prevent any potential injury by equipping your household with a carbon monoxide detector.

Aukey In-Ear Wired Earphones With Microphone [28% Off]

Although Bluetooth headphones might be all the rage – sometimes the good ol’ wired variety hit the spot. You can’t argue with in-ear earphones with a microphone for only a fiver.


No Man’s Sky (PS4) [26% Off][CA]

It’s no secret that No Man’s Sky didn’t live up to the hype or many people’s expectations. However, after the Foundation Update last November No Man's Sky Is Getting a Game-Changing Update No Man's Sky Is Getting a Game-Changing Update No Man's Sky is getting a new update. And about time too. But can The Foundation Update make No Man's Sky worthy of a second look? Read More it is worth taking a second look at the actually rather entertaining game.

Overwatch (Xbox One) [27% Off] [CA]

Overwatch Origins Edition - Xbox One [UK Import] Overwatch Origins Edition - Xbox One [UK Import] UK IMPORT VERSION , REGION FREE WORKS IN USA Buy Now At Amazon $62.49

Perhaps you just want to stick to the hits – and there haven’t been many as big as Blizzard’s latest – Overwatch. If you like the fantasy elements of Warcraft, along with the gameplay of a first person shooter then Overwatch is the game for you 7 Overwatch Tips for the Complete Beginner 7 Overwatch Tips for the Complete Beginner You've seen the gorgeous cinematic trailers on YouTube and you've decided to buy Overwatch. There's one problem, though: You don't have any idea how to play! Here's how. Read More .

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