FreshWebSuction: Save Webpages For Offline Browsing

Saving webpages locally for offline viewing can be greatly convenient, particularly if your Internet package limits the amount of data you use. But not all browsers effectively save webpages offline while preserving their layout. Here to help you save webpage offline by selecting exactly what to save is a browser called FreshWebSuction.

web suction   FreshWebSuction: Save Webpages For Offline Browsing

FreshWebSuction is a freeware browser for Windows computers. In addition to letting you browse websites, the browser acts as an excellent webpage downloader. You can create projects to store particular sites offline; while doing so you can select how many links away from the original URL you want to store on the site. Additionally you can specify exactly what you want saved e.g. graphics, audio, videos, and archives. Your project is complete once your webpages have been downloaded. You can then proceed to browse these downloaded webpages offline, whenever you want.

web suction1   FreshWebSuction: Save Webpages For Offline Browsing


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