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Most of us access the web from multiple computers, such as at work and at home. It can get really annoying if you have 6-7 tabs open for a project and you suddenly have to leave that computer and jump to a different one to start again. FreshStart is a Chrome extension that can be immensely helpful to sync your browser sessions as it lets you save all your open tabs and then restore them from a different machine.

You can also set crash recovery options so your tabs are saved every few minutes. You can give each session a name, delete it from the list or even rename it as desired. When restoring from a different machine, you can see the list of saved sessions and pick the one you want.

restore browsing session chrome


  • Save and restore browsing sessions from different machines.
  • Works great for sessions with multiple tabs.
  • AutoSaves your session every few minutes.
  • Works with Google Chrome.

Download FreshStart from Google Chrome Extensions

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