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Video aggregators are a dime a dozen in the Apple App Store. These apps let you watch videos from different sources so that you won’t have to switch websites or apps to get to the video that you like. Aggregators are also a great way to discover interesting videos that you may unlikely come across. Done right, video aggregators could well become your new kind of television, just like what Flipboard did to news and magazine reading.

online video aggregator

Frequency is an iOS app that has a great shot to be more than useful for many users. It finds and organizes videos into channels from your favourite websites and social feeds so that you can watch the newest and trending clips.

Frequency starts by asking you to add your Facebook account to log in. You can also add your Twitter and YouTube account. The app gives you preselected channels that you can find on the top of the dashboard where you can swipe and tap icons to open. Frequency includes a collection of 1,000 online channels organized into different categories like music, tech, sports, and more. So whether you are looking for content from National Geographic, ESPN, WSJ, or websites like Techcrunch, TheVerge, or even MakeUseOf, you can add them to your account.

Frequency offers three main views – a channel view, where you can browse and discover new channels, a Flipboard-like headline view, where you can see the videos from your channels in a gallery, and the video view, where you can see the currently loaded video.

Frequency also lets you watch videos shared by your friends once you connect to your social networks, handy when you want video content from your personal circle and nothing else. Users with slow Internet can choose the video quality, and those who have Apple TV will be happy to know that it supports AirPlay.



One big takeaway from Frequency is how a great interface can combine multiple sources to fit your personal experience. Adding channels is more than seamless, and browsing through your channels means you can go from one video to another. Many have reported spending a lot of time just to watch the videos offered here.

Frequency is a worthy app for your iOS device, and probably one of the few video aggregators done really well.


  • Choose from over 1,000 channels and watch videos from this one app.
  • Add social accounts for to get your social feed.
  • Works with AirPlay.
  • Adjust video quality to watch up to 1080p videos.
  • Find trending videos and add fresh channels.
  • Great for video discovery.

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