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If you are a regular user of Dropbox, then you will love Frenzy. It is a neat tool for Mac that turns your Dropbox storage into a social network. You can share media like photos, videos and links and everything gets stored on a specific folder in your Dropbox.

Frenzy, as an app, then allows you to view that specific folder as a social feed, allowing you to view everybody’s activity, posting messages and even replying to various items. One of the excellent things about Frenzy is that since it is based on Dropbox, all of your feed and content is available even when you are offline. The interface is simple and the network is private.

dropbox social network


  • Dropbox based social networking.
  • Share media and links with friends using Dropbox.
  • Send messages and post replies.
  • View social feed in any browser.
  • Available offline, private and dead simple.
  • Mac only.

Download Frenzy @

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