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FreezePage lets you take snapshots of web pages and store them for later reference. What makes FreezePage different from other screenshot capture tools is that in addition to screenshots it also saves the exact date and time, page size and more. Thus it can be used as an independent third party tool to provide evidence on web copyright issues. Whether someone is stealing your content, illegally distributing your images, using your logos … you can just freeze the page and use it as an evidence.

There are two ways to freeze pages: you can either use provided browser bookmarklet (requires sign-up) or just use the form on the site’s homepage.

FreezePage : Somebody Stealing you Work? Capture it!


  • Take snapshots of individual web pages and store them online.
  • Automatically logs the date page was saved, the IP address of the person who saved it, page size and more.
  • Share screenshots with others via private links.
  • Stored pages will remain online as long as users checks his/her account at least once in every 60 days. Non-registered users required to do this at least once in 30 days.
  • Free account comes with 10 MB of storage space.
  • Premium accounts available as well.

Check out FreezePage @ [ ]

  1. Vaibhav
    March 25, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Yes, it looks like a decent service. It does have its problems though:

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