FreeVideoFlipandRotate: Flip & Rotate A Video Just Like An Image

Almost every image editing tool allows you to flip and rotate images but how many pieces of software let you do that to a video? Probably not many, but FreeVideoFlipandRotate is a freeware that can easily be used to play around with your videos. Once installed, just browse to a video, select your option and click on convert.

The freeware can Rotate 90 CCW, Rotate 180, Rotate 90 CW, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical or combine more than one options such as Rotate 90 CW + Flip Vertical. The freeware supports multiple languages and is very easy to use. You can also set it to turn off the computer once your video is converted. The software works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 and is very lightweight and easy to use.

flip   FreeVideoFlipandRotate: Flip & Rotate A Video Just Like An Image

Download FreeVideoFlipandRotate from [NO LONGER WORKS]

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