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After the furore surrounding Instagram’s proposed terms of service changes, many users were quick to assume that their time with the retro photo filter app was over. As news outlets scrambled to dissect what the terms and conditions (which have since been returned to their original state, introduced in 2010) developers were quickly coming up with ways to save all Instagram account content and migrate it to rival Flickr instead. The tool is called FreeThePhotos, and despite the terms of service reversal, might still prove useful.

instagram photos to flickr

Even if you plan on keeping your Instagram account, having a copy of your photos in another location is not a bad idea. FreeThePhotos does just that, and all you need to do is login to Instagram and Flickr then click the Free Your Photos button and wait for the process to complete. Depending on the size of your Instagram account, the process might take a while to complete and there’s a box to check if you’d like to be alerted when the process is complete.


Flickr approaches photo sharing a little differently to Instagram, with free accounts having limitations. All imported photos will be placed in a new photoset called “Instagram” which you can organize later. Due to the fact that free Flickr accounts can only accept 300MB of data a month, only the first 10,000 Instagrams can be imported for now. Similarly, free accounts are limited to viewing the last 200 uploaded photos so if you’d like to do more with your imported data consider upgrading to a Flickr Pro account.


  • Import all your Instagram photos to your Flickr account with a click.
  • Get notified when the process is compete.
  • Creates a new Instagram photoset to keep your migration organised.
  • Remember limitations with regards to free Flickr accounts.

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