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Everybody knows that you can save a great deal of cash by using coupons on online stores. Most online stores offer free shipping over certain amount or offer free shipping coupons on some days or some items. Have you ever wondered how to get the best free shipping coupons on the Internet? All from a convenience of your home sitting in front of your computer?

Check out It is a great resource for free shipping codes. It helps you save money by showing you what stores offer free shipping codes. There are currently over 650 stores and 1000 free shipping deals on the website. So if you ever need to find a department store with free shipping, or get a list of available free shipping coupons for a particular website or item then is the first place you should look at.

You can browse shipping codes by store name (Kohls, Kmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Gap, Toys R Us etc.), by item category (baby, Automotive, books etc) or use the search field. No registration required.
Once you found your favorite store or item simply sign up with your email to receive email alerts when there are new coupons.

Free Shipping Codes


Sign up by email to receive new coupon alerts





  • Comprehensive resource for free shipping codes
  • Free shipping codes for websites, stores ((Kohls, Kmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Gap, Toys R Us etc.) and items
  • Sign up by email to your favorites stores, items and site to receive email alerts when there are new available coupons
  • Browse by shipping type – Alaska, Free return shipping, Free shipping clubs, Free shipping on all orders, Hawaii, Site to store
  • Lists over 650 stores and 1000 free shipping deals on the website
  • No registration required

Check out FreeShipping @

  1. John
    May 20, 2008 at 11:02 am

    I would like to see site like yours coming on to surface more. Offers like 'Free Shipping' is great for the reason you need not worry much about final price of a product. Shipping charges are often very much annoying for rather small items. Besides I have bitter experience in the past when I found few stores allowing discounts on selling price only to compensate it in the form of shipping charges!

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