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FreePatentsOnline is a popular patent search engine. It lets you search patents, download patents to your PC, set patent alerts, browse patents by category and view most popular patents from each category (Computers, Software, Telecom, Medical, Chemistry etc).

You can do a quick patent search – search by document number, application number, filing or publication dates, inventor, country, state and even city. They also have an advanced search option that lets you include/exclude US Patents, US Patent applications, EP Documents, Abstracts of Japan, German Patents and Non-patent literature.


While you can search patents on the site without registration, getting an account get you several benefits. Once signed in, you can save your search queries for future use, set alerts to notify you of new documents published in your area of interest, save documents into multiple portfolios for reference and organization, annotate your portfolios and saved documents and share portfolios with your colleagues (and decide who has “read” versus “write” access).



  • Browse patents by category (software, drugs, medical, drugs, finance, etc.)
  • View patents by most popular patenting companies (IBM, Canon, HP, etc.)
  • Download and Save patents as PDF files
  • Advanced patent Search: Filter results by date range, word stemming on/off, sort patents by chronological order, etc.
  • Subscribe to patent RSS feeds by patent category
  • Community – learn and help others (blogs, groups)
  • Acclaim IP – Next generation patent search and analytics, with real-time filtering, graphical reporting, and much more
  • Add FPO patent search to your Google Toolbar
  • No registration to search and browse patents
  • Register to save search queries, set up alerts, annotate portfolios and share portfolios with colleagues

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    March 26, 2008 at 5:00 am

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