FreeOldies: Extensive Old Game Database

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Computer games are made in greater numbers than you would think. Unfortunately a lot of these games are abandoned by their owners for a variety of reasons. These games then become “abandonware”. Free Oldies is a old game database that lets you search and download these abandoned computer games.

Free Oldies is a great website that lets its visitors play abandonware games for free. You can browse the available games alphabetically, according to their release year, or genre-wise.

freeoldies   FreeOldies: Extensive Old Game Database

While browsing you will see each game’s name, its genre, and its game rating.

freeoldies1   FreeOldies: Extensive Old Game Database

When you find a game you are interested in, click on its link and you will be taken to a page where its download sources will be provided.

freeoldies2   FreeOldies: Extensive Old Game Database

If you have any questions, requests about games, or want to interact with the Free Oldies community, you can join the site’s forums; there you can post your queries and receive responses to them.

NOTE: Some parts of the site are in French. A website translator, like Chrome’s built-in translator, will prove to be helpful for non-French speakers.


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