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Have you ever wanted to read a RSS feed but you couldn’t because it required you to enter a username and password and your RSS reader didn’t support it? Well FreeMyFeed has just come along to release your RSS feed from that particular prison – including your Gmail email.


Yes, that’s right. Among the many services FreeMyFeed supports is Gmail. You can now read your Gmail email (and pretty much any other password-protected feed) inside Google Reader using FreeMyFeed.

FreeMyFeed is basically a proxy service or a middle-man. You give FreeMyFeed your RSS feed, your username and password and it then gives you a replacement RSS feed to give to your RSS reader. Then everytime your RSS feed updates, it passes through the FreeMyFeed proxy and onto your RSS reader.

It’s smooth and works without a hitch. You only have to decide if you trust this service with your usernames and passwords.

Check out FreeMyFeed @

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  1. bob
    April 18, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    I don't really get the point of this, first of all you are opening up a password protected feed, to anybody who guess the right URL of the feed (yes, okay, it will most likely be a 49 character long obfusticated URL, but my point still stands, you are opening it up.) Second, you are giving them the login details, and I don't know about anybody else, but a site which asks you for login details for a site which is not the site you are on, sounds extremely like phishing to me, and I would rather just login to Gmail, than have a feed of my messages, especially if you can just login to 'Google Services' (or whatever they call it now) and the Atom feed just checks your cookies and authenticates you that way! Finally, if you really, really need password-protected feeds, simply get a better feed reader.

  2. Alfred
    April 18, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    What if you first burn your feed with feedburner. Feedburner is acquired by google so if you don't trust them you should not use gmail because I here a lot of people who don't trust them.