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Have you ever wanted to read a RSS feed but you couldn’t because it required you to enter a username and password and your RSS reader didn’t support it? Well FreeMyFeed has just come along to release your RSS feed from that particular prison – including your Gmail email.


Yes, that’s right. Among the many services FreeMyFeed supports is Gmail. You can now read your Gmail email (and pretty much any other password-protected feed) inside Google Reader using FreeMyFeed.

FreeMyFeed is basically a proxy service or a middle-man. You give FreeMyFeed your RSS feed, your username and password and it then gives you a replacement RSS feed to give to your RSS reader. Then everytime your RSS feed updates, it passes through the FreeMyFeed proxy and onto your RSS reader.

It’s smooth and works without a hitch. You only have to decide if you trust this service with your usernames and passwords.

Check out FreeMyFeed @

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