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Free Music Archive offers a library of more than 5500 legit free music downloads online. You can download songs or stream them on the site without signing up. Service is offered by a group of independent radio stations to promote artists’ music by offering their songs online for free.

legit free music downloads

You can search and browse songs by Curator and genre (country, hip-hop, rock etc.), and view each artist’s page including discography and scheduled live performances. Users may stream songs online one by one, add songs to playlist or download and save tracks on their computers.


  • Download more than 5500 legal MP3’s online. New ones added daily.
  • Browse songs by genre, curator or use the search engine.
  • Stream songs online or download them to your computer without signing up.
  • Learn more about the artist you enjoyed by going to their pages.
  • (Optional) Purchase favorite albums and donate money to the artist.
  • Register to leave comments, become a fan, message other users etc.

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