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Want to figure out how much eBay charges for listing your item? Check out FreeEbayFeeCalculator. Here you can quickly find out how much you need to pay for the item in order to list it on eBay. Simply choose the eBay site where you plan to auction the item, specify listing details and hit calculate.

Fee Calculator includes both basic and advanced fee calcs. While basic one covers all generic auctions the advanced one can also handle Dutch, Fixed Price, Stores, and Real Estate listings.

FreeEbayFeeCalculator - eBay and Paypal Fee Calculator


  • Calculate eBay auction listing fees for any eBay sites.
  • Supports about 20 eBay sites: USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Sweden and so on.
  • Integrated PayPal Fees Calculator: So that you know how much you’ll actually receive after PayPal commissions are deducted.
  • Also supports other popular merchants i.e. Overstock, QXL Ricardo, etc.

Check out FreeEbayFeeCalculator @ [ ]

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