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FreedCamp: A Feature-Filled Project Management Alternative to BaseCamp 191We highlighted a few great websites that facilitate meeting with your team members in our roundup of online meeting tools The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate with Your Team The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate with Your Team Small teams don't need expensive enterprise apps for collaboration. Here are six fantastic tools that you can use to manage your team's data, communication, and more. For free. Read More , but the web keeps on growing, presenting us with handier web apps every time.

The field for project management is no exception. There are many more such applications to help you collaborate with your teammates remotely, like Scrumy Scrumy - Finally, A Truly Simple Project Management App for Groups Scrumy - Finally, A Truly Simple Project Management App for Groups Read More and OfficeZilla.

FreedCamp is a project management web-based app much like the ones mentioned, but it aims to be a capable app with features compared to Basecamp, the popular (mostly paid, with a very limited free account option) project manager.

Let’s examine why you should definitely consider Freedcamp for your next team project!

alternative to basecamp

FreedCamp Offers Unlimited Projects For Teams With Unlimited Users

alternative to basecamp


Not only does FreedCamp let you create unlimited projects and invite unlimited users, it’s also got plenty of useful features to get you started. Signing up can be pretty easy as you can sign in with Facebook instead of creating a new account.

After that, you can import your Basecamp project files, start creating projects, as well as joining a team member’s project. You can add to-do’s, start discussions, set milestones, keeping track of time spent in each task, share files (up to 20MB of storage for project owners), and get email notifications of new assignments and project member’s progresses.

You can also obtain an RSS feed to track your work progress and chat with your teammates via a Meebo toolbar, easily using your existing accounts.

basecamp alternative

The incredible thing is that it offers all of these features for free and won’t change in the future, as the website promises the $0 price tag will remain unchanged.

Check out the features in this quick video overview, which captures the main features of FreedCamp.

Creating Projects & Seeing Their Progress In Your Dashboard

After you’ve created your account, you can make your first project, invite users, and set passwords for your project, which should enable anyone else who has the password to join your project after you’ve created it.

basecamp alternative

Like the news feed in Facebook, you can pretty much track what’s going on in your project by heading to the project dashboard. If you instead want a quick overview of all your projects, you can click on the manage projects button at the top right corner. You will then be able to perform edits on specific projects, whether that involves adding users, deleting the project altogether or deactivating it (which could be equivalent to archiving the project in question). You can also click on the dashboard button on the Meebo toolbar, which is a shortcut to the actual dashboard for all of your projects.
Freedcamp lets you create groups which could be, for example, the subject class you’re trying to organize a study group for, while the projects themselves can be the individual assignments.

Creating To-do’s, Discussions & Milestones To Replace Back-and-Forth Emailing

You can easily create to-do’s in the to-do tab of the project dashboard. Freedcamp allows you to create tasks, assign them priorities and due dates, and delegate them to team members. The neat part is that you can drag the different users, due dates and priorities around to any tasks, as well as drag the tasks to the trash bin to delete them. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

basecamp alternative

The ability to create threaded discussions are probably a big reason to use a project management tool instead of regular email. You can create discussion groups to assign to each discussion so you don’t have to keep adding individual users every time.

alternative to basecamp

Creating milestones can also help get a better overview of major goals and their deadlines.

basecamp alternatives free

Overall, Freedcamp offers many features in a simple interface at an excellent price and should definitely be bookmarked. If you’re already using another great collaboration portal, let us know which one you’re using in the comments!

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  1. Applicom
    April 19, 2011 at 9:40 am


    I might be biased (and I am), but while it's true that Freedcamp's basic offering will stay free, they do charge for storage (5Gb is around $15/month!).

    We offer Apollo, which includes project management, CRM, cases&deals, timers, calendar. It's all AJAX. We don't pretend we are free -- our solo plan costs $14/month. But I think we are a worthwhile alternative -- and if you need storage, prices are comparable to FreedCamp!