Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?

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featured magazine wordpress themes   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes? One of the great things about WordPress is it’s adaptability and ease of customization  Just download a new theme, and your entire site changes in an instant. It’s powerful, yet addictive; the search for the best theme is never ending – believe me – I have been known to spend literally days trying to track down that elusive theme that will make everything right in the world.

Never fear though, because we’re here with a rundown of the best magazine themes.


I’m starting with the best first: Oxygen, unlike most of the themes in this list, is responsive; meaning that it adapts to various screenwidths. This is typically quite a difficult task to do with magazine style themes due to various column and content areas, but Oxygen achieves it admirably. As the name suggests, it’s a very clean and simple theme with powerful typographic elements, built upon the Hybrid Core framework. The theme also comes ready with multiple ad blocks of varying sites, ripe for monetization.

It isn’t for everyone though – you may have trouble applying an existing brand to this design, and the homepage is focussed on featured photography; but if you can work around it and this matches your content then I strongly suggest having a go with this one. Beautiful and free.

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oxygen   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?


A fixed-width 2 column plus sidebar layout, GoPress feels rather generic, which is a great thing if you plan to heavily customize and brand it. If you just want something to install and be done with, I feel GoPress might be a bit bland; though you’ll certainly be up and running without much effort.

It’s lightweight, simple, and has put a little thought into advertising, while the fixed background content area will work great for background takeovers if that’s your thing. Certainly worth considering.

gopress   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?

The Morning After

From the talented WooThemes, this one is a bit of legend having achieved well over 100,000 downloads: one of those was me, and it served me well until the site was sold a year later for a tidy profit. It’s still one of the best though. With a unique but not overpowering style, the theme also allows for quick updates as a custom post type. Other than that, it’s very simplistic, not too feature heavy; though integrating advertising will need to be custom coded. Give it due consideration!

morningafter   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?

Silver Orchid

This has a distinctive Apple-blog feel to it, but the sole use of greytones won’t be to everyone’s taste. The homepage is jam-packed with content highlights and widgets, but you could simplify. There’s a few pre-made ad-blocks, which is nice. Worth checking out, but you’ll probably either love it or hate it.

silverOrchid   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?


Severely minimalist with sharp lines and defined blocks of content. I’m not too keen on the blue highlight, but that’s easy enough to change. It’s a nice, clean theme, but you’ll struggle trying to find a place in there for advertising, so this is definately a theme to focus on the content (which honestly, should be the goal of any site).

suburbia   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?

Global News

A very attractive, fixed width, multiple column layout with lots of little widgets and fucntionality to keep you amused. Possibly best suited to a local town newspaper, and I’m not keen on the background bleeding into the main content area; but otherwise, superb. Advertising is slightly limited with just a tall banner above the fold, but the single article pages allow for more via widgets.

globalnews   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?


A fairly old theme from Theme Junkie but compatible with the latest 3.4 WordPress. The design is definetely aged, but otherwise this two column + sidebar theme is quite functional and includes a nice above the fold adsense area built in (and editable via the admin screen). Theme Junkie also have some more modern designs in various magazine styles, all starting at around $39: Blacklight is a particular favourite of mine that would be suitable for a technology blog.

channel   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?

Is a Magazine Theme Really Right For You?

Before spending valuable development time with one of these, I’d suggest you rethink your decision to go with the magazine style. They may look nice initially, but do they really suit your content? Let’s take a quick look at the downsides to using a magazine theme:

  • Featured articles will require high resolution artwork
  • Generally fixed layout with no fluidity for different devices (Oxygen being the exception)
  • Eye-catching, but difficult to follow the text
  • Difficult to develop as one small change can wreck the layout; for example; if you want to place advertising.
  • Favours high-output with large archives of content

Rather, I’d encourage you to look at what is known as responsive layouts. These adjust to the device – accomodating different widths using CSS. The site will look appropriate whether viewed on a widescreen monitor, a regular monitor, a tablet or a phone – this is incredibly important in today’s world where a large percentage of your users will be on mobile devices. For a fantastic example of a responsive theme, check out SmashingMagazine and try resizing your browser: notice that it can use the full width of your browser, but goes right down to the size of a mobile screen, cleverly rearranging elements into more suitable locations and display styles.

smashing magazine   Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?

Or perhaps a more traditional blogging theme is more suitable. I wonder, why does everyone want to emulate the style of dead printed media, anyway? Embrace the traditional blog format, I say, and don’t simply jump on the magazine or responsive theme bandwagon.

How about you – do you have a favourite magazine theme that we didn’t mention? Are you a developer whowould like us to take a look at yours? Perhaps you’ve already got one installed and want some advice: I’m happy to give a free critique and suggest improvements. Also, don’t forget to check out my extensive monetization guide if you’re struggling to make your blogging pay, and the growing archive of web developer focused articles here at MakeUseOf.

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I guess is magazine is good for presenting more content in a higher ‘row’. I am not a big fan of sliders though. Rather have large image/article instead or present a non sliding grid of latest articles.

Ahmed Khalil

The one named “the moring after” is good for me but you do not provide any one which is eleminating the downsides points as it is not good points to be exist in your magazine

James Bruce

That’s because the downsides are related to all magazine themes, not one in particular.

Ahmed Khalil

Is their any of these templates can be used for e-commerce magazine

James Bruce

What’s an “ecommerce magazine”?

Erlis Dhima

Good article! But in fact, I’m looking for the best photos & design free wordpress themes… :P


Thanks for including our free Channel theme. Our Table theme is free too :-)


The one which like the most is ‘Vezine theme’ it is from Magpress, this is very attractive magazine theme with lots of customization and widgets to support. if you want live demo head over to my site *******.com


Seems like a pretty horrible design. Also, I removed your link, because there are serious spam links in your footer; either added by you, or by that theme.


What is horrible in this theme, this is my first work and I am not the web master, i just started learning, and you should not hurt by saying this. and regarding the footer link , i didnt add that, it is from theme itself, I will try to remove that.
And thanks to let me know about footer links, because I just saw them , they are really very bulger. :)


I can’t comment on the content that you wrote, because the design put me off and prevented me from spending any more time on the page; that’s why i said it’s horrible, and I strongly suggest you change it.

This is a cookie cutter theme produced by a company designed to spam; that’s why I won’t approve of the link. You’ll find you can’t remove the spam footer links, by the way – they will be encoded in numerous levels throughout the theme files. Have a go, you’ll see what I mean. Change the theme, your site will do much better.

Patrick Jackson


Kindly throw light on your theme for MUO, which one; a framework or totally achieved from scratch?

Else bring up an article for more such themes!


From scratch.

Patrick Jackson

And hey, keep up the good work! :)

Serra Stone

Thanks for this, I’ve been looking for a theme for the new Android site I’m making. So hard to find something just right to tweak to my liking!

Ibrahim Nadir

excellent article bruce. Keep it up!


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