Free Up More System RAM With Smart RAM Booster [Android 2.1+]

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A proven method of giving your Android device a speed boost and battery life increase is to clear out any low-importance applications so more RAM is freed up. Android has a stock tool that can clear out such applications, but it is pretty inflexible in that there are absolutely no settings you can change. Clearing out RAM may be a bit more important than you think, and having the ability to control that feature is necessary for a power user.

About Smart RAM Booster

Smart RAM Booster becomes very useful for this task. The app provides much more control in how agressive it is in finding applications to close, and it provides numerous indicators that you can enable as well for automated boosts.


The app can be installed by searching for “Smart RAM Booster” in the Google Play Store or by following this link on your mobile device as a shortcut or on a computer where you can click on Install to remotely start the download to your device.

Main Screen

When you first launch the app, you’ll be presented with a tutorial screen that explains what different buttons do. Touch anywhere on the screen twice to exit out of the tutorial, and you’ll then be shown the main screen. This screen includes a current graph of your RAM usage, as well as a boost and settings button.


Tapping on the boost button will close out all unnecessary applications that are running in the background. How much memory is cleared depends on what is currently running and how aggressive you have selected the app to be, which I will cover below. Once it has finished, it will display a pop up notice letting you know how many applications were closed and how much RAM was freed.


Smart RAM Booster has a small widget that you can place on your home screen so that with a single tap you can reduce your device’s RAM usage. I personally believe the widget is not needed if you enable automated boosts, but it’s good to have for those who prefer it that way.

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The settings for such a relatively small app are quite decent and should be enough to make you content. Here you can adjust the aggressiveness of the app when finding applications to close, automated boosts, whitelists, indicators so you can easily see how much RAM it’s being used, and much more. With automated boosts, you can set a RAM limit as well as a time, so that for every X amount of seconds, it checks to see if there is less free RAM available than you set, and if so, it’ll automatically run a boost.


Smart RAM Booster really is smart as it works very well and includes enough powerful features to get exactly what you want. I like this app much more than the stock memory cleaner as it can be configured to be much more aggressive and it gives easier access to running a boost. If you regularly clean out your RAM, which you should, then give this app a shot.

Is there another RAM cleaner that you’d recommend over this one? Is clearing the RAM worthwhile in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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