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In tune with the general holiday spirit, Apple is again offering free shipping on everything during the upcoming month. The offer is valid for all items, but only on Apple’s US store. So if you live in the US, or know someone who does, everything you order from now up until December 22nd will ship for free.

But what if you’re not in the US? Apple offers some consolation prizes. A stroll through different Apple stores reveals that the stores in Canada, the UK and France offer free shipping on all items, today only. The Australia and New Zealand stores offer free shipping on everything up until December 25th, and on the Australian store you can even get free giftwraps for your holiday gifts.


If you can manage to squeeze the free shipping, you can add that to $5 gift wraps which are available at most stores (except for those where it’s free), and Apple’s usual free engraving service, and make this year’s Christmas tree truly Apple shaped.

Will free shipping really make or break your decision to shop Apple, or were your plans already set anyway?

Source: TheNextWeb


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