The Best Free Online Games For The Wii Browser

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free wii internet gamesFind free games for Wii, courtesy of the often overlooked Wii browser. If you’re bored with your current collection of Wii games, but don’t have the cash for a new pay title quite yet, you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few web games only a few clicks away. While obviously these aren’t going to match the likes of Super Mario Galaxy 2 you just might find yourself entertained. Best of all: no jailbreaking is necessary.

Disappointed with the usefulness of Wii’s free browser? That makes sense. Some major sites like Hulu don’t work on it, and there’s no HTML5 integration to speak of. An update is in order, I think. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find any free Wii internet games.

While the quality of the games out there is certainly inconsistent, it’s still fun to see the creativity people put into such games. Besides, with the Wii browser being a free download, there’s no real reason to not try a few free games out. These games make use of the Wii’s motion control, either by design or by virtue of being mouse-driven. Some can even be controlled with the Wii’s buttons, which can make for great gaming experiences.

You’ll need to connect your Wii to the Internet before you can play any of these games of course, but don’t worry: it’s easy and free, provided you have WiFi at home.


Probably the best-known repository of Wii-compatible games on the Internet, WiiCade is a great place to start in your quest for free Wii internet games. You’ll find hundreds of games, though the quality of course is varied.

free wii internet games

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One nice thing about this site though, is that a ratings system makes it easy to sort the wheat and the chaff. If you’re looking for a good game to start with, I highly recommend Bubble Shooter.

free wii games

It’s kind of like Frozen Bubble, but with your WiiMote.


Another site dedicated completely to Wii games, WiiPlayable is certainly worth bookmarking on your Wii. You’ll find an assortment of games, arranged by category. There’s a lot to discover here, so check it out.

free wii games

There’s a lot to discover here, but for nostalgic reasons you really should check out Duckhunter for Wii.

free wii games

This game is shockingly close to the real thing, although sped up to account for the ability to see where your cursor is. Nothing of course will be as fun as the original light gun, but seeing as it doesn’t work with modern TVs this may be the closest you can find.


If you’re a fan of you should probably check out the Videlectrix Vii Collection. Here you’ll find parodies of Atari-era games done so well you’ll forget they’re parodies and just enjoy yourself.

free wii internet games

Not a lot of games, but they’re all pretty fun. Why Trogdor doesn’t make an appearance I’ll never understand, but it’s nice to have access to a few well-made games with Wii-specific controls.

Got More?

So, commenters, what did I miss? Share any other great sites for free Wii games below, or just let everyone know which games are best.

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