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This week’s app sales include not one but two premium-turned-free apps that are losing their price tags altogether. Don’t expect to see research and study tool Summary Pro or five-star tower defence title Unstoppable Gorg in these columns again as they join the swelling ranks of must-have freebies.

In other news Apple’s free App of the Week hopes to nurture your culinary side and Assassin’s Creed Pirates is free again!


Summary Pro ($1.99, now free)

Summary Pro is a formerly premium app designed with study and research in mind. Make summaries of text, images or both from a variety of sources including Dropbox, iTunes File Transfer or an in-built browser. There’s file support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, Numbers import, and when you’ve compiled your sources you can export a handy PDF. Take a look at our review of Summary Pro Collect, Extract & Organize Research Fast With Summary Pro for iPad Collect, Extract & Organize Research Fast With Summary Pro for iPad The Internet makes researching most topics fast and easy, and when it comes to managing those documents, notes, and clippings, Summary Pro for iPad takes some beating. Read More or just download it, it’s free after all!

The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy ($3.99, now free)

Some of us learn best by following visual examples, and that’s the approach taken by The Photo Cookbook. Jam-packed with high resolution photos, the photo app illustrates every step you have to make to emulate one of the 84 included recipes. The recipes are designed to be easy to follow, and there are 240 more available via in-app purchase when you run out of ideas.


Voice Dream Reader ($9.99, now $4.99)

We’ve been impressed by Voice Dream Reader in the past Voice Dream Reader: The Perfect Reading and Study Tool for iOS Voice Dream Reader: The Perfect Reading and Study Tool for iOS Text-to-speech technology has improved greatly over the years, and though you can enable the Speak Selection feature in iOS, Voice Dream Reader puts it to shame. Read More , and it’s even featured in this regular sales column once before. Once again this valuable reading and study tool is available at a 50% reduction, so if you’re looking for an able text-to-speech app then this might just be it. Voice Dream Reader essentially reads aloud to you, turning any source of written word (including Google Drive, Pocket, Evernote and Project Gutenberg) into an audio book.


Unstoppable Gorg ($4.99, now free)

Billed as “revolutionary tower defence” comes Unstoppable Gorg, this week’s second paid title to go free forever – no adverts, no in-app purchases and no restrictions! The game takes the tower defense premise to outer space, and embraces a number innovative gameplay opportunities the cosmic setting allows for. Unstoppable Gorg will be a challenge for those familiar with the genre, while the cheesy sci-fi theme helps create a real sense of atmosphere.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates ($4.99, now free)

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is free once again, offering fans of the series a chance to take to the high seas on their mobile devices and enjoy some of the franchise’s more nautical aspects. Engage in fierce naval combat all over the Caribbean Sea using an assortment of firepower. Upgrade your ship and assemble an able crew before setting sail and exploring a huge map litered with more than 50 missions, treasure and hidden collectibles.

Worms 3 ($4.99, now $0.99)

Worms 3 is the Worms game that iOS gamers deserve. Designed exclusively for Apple hardware, Worms 3 is a masterpiece in mobile gaming incorporating everything you love about Team 17’s critters in a touch-friendly package. New game mechanics keep things fresh, classic weapons like the Old Lady and Super Sheep provide a warm sense of familiarity, and there’s every multiplayer mode you could ever want. Download it.

Infinity Blade III ($6.99, now $2.99)

No stranger to app promotions, Chair have put their flagship iOS title on sale once again for 50% of its usual price. If you have an iOS device and haven’t played an Infinity Blade game yet then this might be the opportunity you’ve waited for. Hack, slash and dodge your way through a richly detailed 3D world that puts visuals above all else, it might be a bit of a predictable formula but it’s still enjoyable if that’s your kind of thing.

Star Command ($2.99, now $0.99)

Also no stranger to these sales pages is Star Command, a space-bound roguelike-like Roguelikes: A Unique & Challenging Spin On The RPG Genre Roguelikes: A Unique & Challenging Spin On The RPG Genre In 1980 a game called Rogue was released that spawned a whole sub-genre of role-playing games, aptly named roguelikes. The dungeon crawling game procedurally generated in-game content, providing infinite replay value by guaranteeing a different... Read More  that puts you in charge of your own starship. Assemble a crew, explore the galaxy and go into battle against a variety of alien civilizations while the story unfolds around you. Star Command is a tough game that makes use of “permanent death” to make you really think about your actions, particularly toward AI who won’t forget your past encounters.

That’s the best of the App Store’s sales this week, check back next weekend for even more!

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