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Custom icons can serve a number of purposes. Everyday computer users can create custom icons to customize their computer experience. On the other hand software creators and web developers can use custom icons in their products to give them a unique touch. One tool through which you form wonderful custom icons is Free Icon Editor.

create custom icons

Sized at 1.3MB to download, Free Icon Editor is a freeware program compatible with Windows operating systems. After you download and install the program, you can run it after which you will need to set some preliminary options.

The options will include the size of your icon, the color mode, and the conversion mode; you can set these options as permanent so you are not asked each time you run the program. The icon editor itself comprises of a grid and colors.

To help you create your icon the program provides you with many features such as transparency and smooth re-sampling.

create your own icons


When you are done creating your icon, you can save it in ICO, PNG, XPM, XBM, or ICPR file formats.

make custom icons


  • Create your own icons.
  • Compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 7.
  • Lets you create icons of different sizes.
  • Provides a number of wonderful icon creation features.
  • Lets you save the icon in ICO, PNG, XPM, XBM, or ICPR file formats.
  • Similar tools: Iconizer, Online Icon Maker, ConvertIcon, Favicon-Generator and Bradicon.

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  1. Johan Klos
    September 6, 2010 at 9:00 am

    I have been using IcoFX for a while and have been pretty satisfied.
    It has a portable edition as well so no complaints there either.
    2MB download / 3MB installed.

    Find IcoFX here:

    PS will give Free Icon Editor a whirl anyways