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Foursquare Launches Browser-Based Version Of Recommendation Engine Explore [News] foursquare1 300x300Foursquare is bringing Explore, a popular feature from their mobile platform, over to browsers. Explore is designed to use the billions of check-ins and millions of tips left by Foursquare users to help find places to eat and shop. What better way to make a decision than with the help of millions of Foursquare users who have been around and seen it all? Not only does it use the giant check-in and tip library, but it also uses information from yourself and your friends. This way, the recommendations are catered specifically to the kinds of things you enjoy.

The web version should be familiar to Foursquare users, but there are some slight improvements over the original mobile version. On the mobile version, you can only use Explore to find places that are near your location, but with the web version you can seek recommendations from anywhere in the world.

Obviously, with the web version you get much more screen space to work with. This makes it easy to gauge distance and come up with a better plan of attack.

Foursquare Launches Browser-Based Version Of Recommendation Engine Explore [News] foursquareexplore e1326394743739

Foursquare is really stepping their game up, and a personal recommendation engine that you can get access to on the go or on your computer brings their feature set to another level. It allows them to compete with social networks and other recommendation engines at the same time.

Source: VentureBeat

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