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After partnering with Samsung, Foursquare developers introduced a new feature on Friday: the Foursquare Time Machine. The Foursquare Time Machine is an in-browser app to play an animation that artistically depicts the entirety of a user’s check-ins in their most-visited city.

Foursquare Foursquare For Windows Phone 8 Updates With Lock-Screen Notifications, Homescreen Pinning & More [Updates] Foursquare For Windows Phone 8 Updates With Lock-Screen Notifications, Homescreen Pinning & More [Updates] The Windows Phone 8 app updates keep rolling in, and this time its Foursquare bringing some big changes to its check in and recommendation application. Users will enjoy some new features including lock-screen notifications, NFC... Read More  users already know that the app provides a breath of fresh air for day-to-day travel. It’s an app that makes going out to eat, buying the weekly groceries, and even taking a shopping trip fun. For most users, the Time Machine is an interesting look into the past, and for others, it’s a way to discover cool new locations and hot-spots in their area.

While the Time Machine automatically plays an animation that jumps from nav-point to nav-point in your city, there’s also the option to manually sift through the history of your local journeys. Each location is associated with a time and a date, so you can know exactly where you were on what day and at what time.

Neither Foursquare or Samsung have mentioned any other future possibilities between the companies as a result of this partnership.

In all truth, the Foursquare Time Machine is purely a novelty. While its aim is to show you your past Foursquare check-ins and open your eyes up to new locations, it’s a very simple feature. However, it’s also quite interesting all the same.


What’s your take on the Foursquare Time Machine? Is it an interesting feature? Do you find it unsettling that all of your travels have been tracked like this?

Give us your thoughts in the the comment selection below.

Source: Business Insider

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