The 4 Funniest Online Name Generators

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namioHave you ever thought about getting yourself a non-official name change? A special nickname, that is.

Some people quickly get a nickname in college, others have to make do. If you’re looking for a cool funny nickname, the internet is a great place to be.

Plenty of name generators out there will give you all you ever dreamt of. But why stop there? Why don’t you get yourself a pirate, dwarf, or Jedi name?

Listed below are four of the funniest online name generators. Want more? – do a Google search for inspiration. If you can think of a naming concept, someone will have made a generator!

The Pirate Name Generator

Earlier this month we celebrated Talk like a Pirate day. If you forgot, just like me, here’s a way to make it up! You might not have a parrot yet, or a wooden leg (don’t worry, not all of ‘em real pirates did) – but here’s a way to earn yourself a real pirate’s name!

online name generator

Enter your name and sex, and press go to generate one. If you’re unhappy with the name you got, try different combinations of your name, surname and/or nicknames.

From now on, I will be called Cap’n Bernard Bloodbucket. Arr.

Superhero Name Generator

Never had the stomach to conquer the seven seas? How about something a tad more modern?

Most of us grew up with the comic books of DC, Dark Horse and Marvel. All of us dreamed of being superheroes one time or another. Your powers have gone missing, but at least you’ve still got your Superhero Name! After all, the status is enough to scare away most baddies.

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online name generator

Instead of using your own name, you can tweak your feature name using a few of the available options. Choose gender, publisher’s naming scheme, title, adjective, noun and suffix. Not happy with your name? Don’t worry, just hit the button again!

Vampire Name Generator

Vampires merge past and future. As a superior race, they’ll long outlive humanity – but until then, they’ll keep leaching a few more centuries. Although big fangs and long draping capes stand a little out these days, there’s still some more place for bloodsuckers at the corporate top of most ISP’s!

vampname - name generator

The generator picks names from a number of huge directories of first and last names. You can generate a modern name (and optionally specify gender), or remain retro. Generate 1 up to 25 names, and have your pick!

Music Star Name Generator

Ok, I’ll be honest – the former three name generators might’ve been a bit unrealistic. Vampires and superheroes probably don’t exist, and pirates only do in Somalia.

This one name generator might be a little more within your reach. Have you ever dreamt of a career in music?

name generator

Getting a star name isn’t easy, but this site likes to help out. Enter your name and generate a Pop-, Rock-, Rap- or Country Star name. If you aren’t happy with it, you’ll have to try different combinations with your first, last and nicknames, because the site won’t give you another one.

Happy with your new names? Why don’t you post them in the comments section below? Other online name generator suggestions are always welcome as well – I know there are plenty more out there!

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These are terrific, but you may also want to check out the giant collection at for a few more.

Simon Slangen

Thanks for the tip!



Guys, I love your site. But you’d improve the quality a good 5% if you’d simply insist that nothing gets published without passing first thru the view of a native English speaker.

The title of this post is simply one example. I see them every couple days on here.

It could possibly have been:

Four Of The Funniest Online Name Generators

Or it could also have been:

The Four Funniest Online Name Generators

But it cannot be:

The Four Of The Funniest Online Name Generators

Not trying to pick on you. Everyone has things on which they could improve. This one just happens to be a highly visible thing on what I otherwise find to be a high-quality effort.


Alyssa Myers

Just a small typo. Coulda happened to anyone.

Simon Slangen

I think the ‘The’ was added during editing, but you’re absolutely right.

Also fixed now :-)



I am fine with my original name…….. though my loved ones call me sunny :)

good article though …. keep it up


vÃÂȘtements enfants

This site really good


dude! learn correct english please! and thank you



ya this was the biggest lead of crap ever.

to improve it you might consider adding a stoner name generator.

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