Four Free Sites to Share Your Music On Twitter

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share music on TwitterTwitter has grown to become an extremely large and heavily used microblogging service that has really allowed anyone and everyone to communicate over the internet much easier. Besides Twitter’s multiple uses, one thing it can really be used well for is sharing music.

Today, we will talk about some of the best sites to use for telling your friends what you’re listening to and get that extra use out of the service.


Twisten is by far my most favorite method of sharing music on Twitter. Created by the people who made Grooveshark, Twisten is just as easy to use and since it uses the same database as Grooveshark, holds quite a large library of music.


Besides being able to update your status messages with links and info about the song you are listening to, Twisten also allows you to save favorites for further access on your profile.


songly is another simple and easy-to-use service that certainly contains many of the best features of Twisten. The hompage consists only of a search box that allows you to enter a link to an audio file on the web, or search for a song. Songly then allows you to listen to the song for free, with the option of posting to Twitter.

songly 2

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Songly also features a Firefox add-on for quick tweeting if you like.



Twiturm is unlike Twisten or Songly in that it allows users to upload a song(s) and then share it on Twitter.

This feature is great if you happen to have a large music collection of songs/artists that for some reason are not able to be found on Twisten or Songly, but otherwise Twiturm is not the easiest way to quickly share songs on Twitter.

Twiturm 2



TwittyTunes is a Firefox extension that utilizes FoxyTunes (a popular Firefox extension for playing music) to post updates on what you are listening to on Twitter.  Obviously if you do not use FoxyTunes, TwittyTunes would not be very useful, but for those that do use FoxyTunes, TwittyTunes may be just what you are looking for.

Something to note, though, TwittyTunes does not post a status message every time you listen to a song, it just gives you the option to post songs to Twitter, so if you were scared that you would be posting hundreds of status messages a day and scaring your Twitter followers, I am sure that is not the case.

twittytunes 2

All in all, it seems Twitter is continually growing and with the help of a growing online music industry, web apps like these may be the way to go.

What do you use for sharing music on Twitter? Tell us in the comments.

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It’s really great to see all these new Twitter/Music apps, Twitter is really a great platform for new music discovery.

But don’t forget We’re Not as Web 2.0-y and sophisticated as the others…but still a pretty cool Twitter Music app.

Will Mueller

Thanks, I’ll check that out.



Im quite happy to see this list here… Great collection..



what about blip?

they have twitter integration

Will Mueller

You are correct, didn’t realize had Twitter integration. Thanks for pointing that out.



need to mention

not made just for twitter, but you can tweet songs directly from the site. The UI is amazing too.

Will Mueller

Oh, ya. Songza is great. Thanks for mentioning that.

Chronic Alibi

I believe songza just gets their content from YouTube and, possibly the best audio stream website out there.



Thanks for thses sites! Synchronising twitter and music is something that I’ve always wanted to do.



Relative of this websites are

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