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We’re living in an age of increasingly powerful web-apps, with many solutions able to take the place of traditional desktop software. One area in which the web-app craze seems to have really taken off is photo editing, and while many are traditionally written in Flash, the option to use HTML and CSS is even more enticing. Fotor is one such native solution, which means you won’t need any browser plugins 10 Websites to See What HTML5 Is All About 10 Websites to See What HTML5 Is All About Read More to make use of this multi-faceted image editor.

browser based photo editing

In addition to standard photo editing, which can take the place of desktop software for simple tasks like cropping, adjusting contrast or adding text there is also a photo collage tool. This allows you to quickly arrange photos in one image, adjusting the frame size and width before exporting a professional-looking collage.

If you’re looking for something a little more specialized and unique then Fotor also comes with a powerful card creation tool, perfect for creating one-off greeting cards for special occasions.


Finally if you’ve been looking for a web app that can tone-map your HDR photos then Fotor is the place to do it. Simply upload three images – one underexposed, one overexposed and a neutral shot somewhere between the two and adjust the sliders until the desired effect is achieved.


Remember, subtlety is the key It's Time We Had a Word About Overdone HDR Photography... [Opinion] It's Time We Had a Word About Overdone HDR Photography... [Opinion] HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and in photographic terms generally produces an image where the entire scene is balanced, and evenly exposed. Recently I’ve not been seeing much of this on the web. I’m... Read More with HDR – and the results won’t necessarily match Photoshop or equivalent, but the software does a good job overall.


  • Make basic edits to your photos.
  • Upload multiple photos and create collages and even greetings cards.
  • Tone-map your HDR images too.

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