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Fotopedia is a collaborative photo encyclopedia. It’s based on a crowdsourcing model, where anyone can share their photos in relevant topic categories. Call it a Wikipedia for Images. While on Wikipedia, pages consist mostly of text and links, on Fotopedia, every topic is a separate photo gallery. Top images within each topic are voted up by users online.

wikipedia for images

It already has more 150,000 photos covering over 4300 encyclopedia pages. Each page includes a short text description from Wikipedia and links to related photo galleries. Anyone can share their pictures in related topic pages, nominate relevant photos and vote on the best images within each topic.

photo wikipedia


  • Collaborative photo wikipedia.
  • Over 140,000 photos covering more than 4300 encyclopedia pages.
  • Browse photos by different topics and categories.
  • Nominate relevant photos in each topic.
  • Vote on best images.
  • Share your own photos in relevant categories.

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