FotoFlexer: Online Photoshop Replacement

FotoFlexer is a powerful, simple-to-use, highly-automated and feature-rich online photo editing and enhancement tool. Probably the best web-based Photoshop alternative out there. FotoFlexer is the most powerful online digital photo editor in existence.

fotoflexer image editing   FotoFlexer: Online Photoshop Replacement

FotoFlexer Overview

  • Rotate, resize, or crop images
  • flip, draw, erase, fill, and more.
  • Enhance image color and lighting. Add Different color effects.
  • Re-color hair or skin with only three clicks.
  • Fix red eye, fix blemishes, smooth wrinkles
  • Animate: add text, speech bubbles, bug-eyes, pointy ears, devil horns, and more.
  • Twirl, bulge, pinch, stretch, squish: Bulge muscles, trim waist-size, turn a frown into a smile, and more.
  • Cut out various pieces of a photo.
  • Easily cut people/objects out without having to trace their outline.
  • Add as many image layers as you want.
  • Export/Import your pitures from Flickr, MySpace, Picasa, and Facebook.
  • Save photos and create albums. (account registration required)

FotoFlexer Demo – Smart Image Resizing

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Love FotoFlexer, great product, when will Adobe just buy them?


Update this description! FotoFlexer has added so much cool stuff since this was written :) go take a look!