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Fotocrib is a simple web-based photo editing and enhancement application with a bunch of excellent extra features.

FotoCrib - Online Image Enhancement

Feature Overview

  • Enhance images: create montages, add 3D effects, encrypt photos, create rounded corners, convert images, etc.
  • Upload images from a hard drive, URL, from Flickr, or Facebook account.
  • Work on up to 2 images simultaneously.

Additional Tools

  • Fototools: Automatically process (thumbnailing, resizing, labeling, rounding corners, etc.) and display images on your website. More details here.
  • Fotoformat: Convert jpg/png/gif to pdf/ps and vice-versa or jpg/png/gif to jpg/png/gif.
  • Fotoacade: Want to share sensitive photos? Fotoacade allows you to encrypt and decrypt your photos on demand.
  • Fotopuzzle: Deconstruct your photos into cells and try putting them back to obtain the original image.
  • e-postcard: Compose emails using your photos as a backdrop.
  • eMail: Send whole photo album in a single email

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