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Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant, got a fortune cookie and really liked the fortune message hidden inside? Instead of collecting all those fortune paper slips in your wallet or pockets, now you can save and access them in one place at

Register on the site to save, edit and access your fortunes in one place and share them on the web. You can enter your fortunes through the website or using your mobile phone. Each fortune can be made public or private. Public fortunes will be visible to everyone at your personal URL. There is also a Facebook app that lets you store and share your fortunes from your Facebook page.

Daily fortune message. Click on a cookie to read it.

Note: Fortune is a message written on a piece of paper hidden inside a fortune cookie that is served as a dessert in Chinese restaurants. It usually contains words of wisdom, a vague prophecy or some lucky numbers used by some people as lottery numbers.


  • Save and access your fortune cookie messages online in one place
  • Share your fortunes online at your personal URL page (
  • Enter your fortune messages from the website or using your mobile phone
  • View fortunes statistics online (# of shared and private cookies, # of users sharing fortunes on Facebook etc.)
  • Save and share your fortunes on Facebook using the FortuneKookie Facebook app
  • Get a daily fortune message from FortuneKookie by clicking “Get Fortune” button at the top
  • Register to start collecting your fortunes in your account

Check out Fortune Kookie @

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