FormulaSheet: Search, Render & Keep Track Of Formulas From One Place

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Students, business owners, mathematicians and even home users will often need to resort to formulae for their work, study or home needs. FormulaSheet is a service designed to help facilitate working with and remembering formulas, and is one of the first sites of its kind aimed at this specific use. Registration is free, if slightly intrusive (asking for location, education level and even school at which you studied) and once complete you’ve got your own virtual folder for your formulae.

formsheet1   FormulaSheet: Search, Render & Keep Track Of Formulas From One Place

The service helps with the discovery and creation of formulae, allowing you to search using the vast amount of information stored on Wikipedia as a library. Students and scientists working on their own projects will appreciate the  LaTeX interface for creating a formula which provides quick access to a number of often used characters and symbols. If you’ve got a locally stored database then uploading is easy with the service accepting the standard .TEX file as input.

formsheet2   FormulaSheet: Search, Render & Keep Track Of Formulas From One Place

Once you’ve refined and completed or found the formula you’re looking for the service supports one-click rendering to .PDF, .TEX and .PNG file with customisable font, colour, size and image resolution. FormulaSheet is a very specialised tool aimed at a specific group of individuals that’s free to use.

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  • Create, search for or upload formulae to your own personal cloud formula storage service.
  • LaTeX editor makes it easy to add symbols and other characters.
  • Render your finished formulae to .PDF, .TEX or .PNG formats.

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