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Formspring have been looking at user feedback and implementing a few new ideas, resulting in a revamped idea of how everyday users can use the service. Now you can share questions publicly and browse for public questions that you can answer or share with your followers.

Questions and answers can now be tagged, ensuring all conversations can be found in the relevant tags. For instance, if you’re looking for a tech-related questions you can browse the Tech tag to find them. Previously, without tagging, you simply followed popular, interesting-sounding people and hoped they posted interesting questions. Now you can get straight to the questions that interest you.

If you’re just wanting to be inspired or just to get chatty, it’s very easy to look at the popular questions and take a look at what people are saying. Questions can be filtered to show just the questions in your language.

When looking at other people’s questions it’s easy to simply smile at their question to show approval, without having to answer it yourself. This will help boost the popularity of the question, too.


These Formspring changes will help boost interactivity on the site between people who are relative strangers. Previously it was difficult to find people who were interested in similar topics, or questions on those topics. For users without many real-life friends on Formspring it was not a very sociable site. With these new changes, your tagged questions will get the right sort of attention and hopefully lots of interesting answers.

Will these new changes get you using Formspring more?

Source: Formspring

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