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If you are looking for a quick solution for online forms that work well with payment checkouts, then you should check out Formsite. This smart HTML form builder allows you to build forms for a variety of purposes. The simple interface and pre-built templates make it easy for anyone to create and publish professional online forms within minutes.

creating html forms

Formsite lets you choose from 100 pre-built forms categorized into registrations, reservations, orders, customer surveys, events, community, marketing, education and more. Building a form is as easy as dragging and dropping different question types and form elements. Once your form is published, Formsite provides a wide set of survey collection tools and results analysis where you can also share and download your data.

creating html forms

Formsite can easily be used for payment processing. Instead of hiring a web developer to create a payment form for you, you can instead build your own form that integrates well with services like Paypal, Google Checkout,, Authorize.Net, and major credit cards.

creating html forms


Formsite has free and paid account options. The free account lets you create up to five forms with 50 items per form and 100 submits per month. If you need a more powerful solution you can opt for Pro accounts which removes the limitations and gives you mass e-mail functionality and scheduled data exports.


  • Secure anti captcha spam.
  • Graph tools for data visualization.
  • Multipage forms for professional web surveys.
  • Embed in your site.
  • Works with
  • Payment processing available, integration with Paypal, Google Checkout,, and major credit cards.
  • Free and Paid option available.
  • Embed your forms in your website.
  • 100 pre-built templates with more to come.
  • Similar Tools: FillThatForm, QuickFormBuilder, JotForm,  and SampleWords.

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