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The 3D printing technology company FormLabs, released this week its free OS X compatible software PreForm 0.8.4 which works with its 3D printer hardware, Form 1. FormLabs says in its blog that the Mac PreForm program is in complete feature parity with Windows version, which was released earlier this year.

With the PreForm software, users can digitally design products that get printed using the Stereolithography for 3D print resolution and surface finish process. The software features include a workflow process that simplifies the print job setup, manual tools for rotation, scaling, and duplication, and the ability to save part layouts as a .FORM file for easier repeat prints.

The Mac version of PreForm also contains the upgrades seen in the Window’s version released earlier this month. Those upgrades include automatic mesh repair, a print-time estimator, optional data collection for Form 1 and PreForm performance feedback, improved laser tracking, improved faceplant tool functionality, and improved material configurations for better print performance.

The printer and the software will enable users to create simple objects, such as artifacts, machine parts, and product prototypes, that in the past would cost several hundred to thousands of dollars to produce. The FormLabs website includes demo shots of PreForm designs and features.

The 3D Form 1 printers cost $3,300 and will start shipping in November, and orders will include a FormFinish kit consisting of water cleaning tanks, a cleaning basket, absorbing material, tweezers, and a scraper. Pre-orders are being taken on the FormLabs store, which also stocks support products for improving the production process.


Let us know what you think of 3D printing and how accessible you think it’s becoming to average consumers.

Source: FormLabs

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