Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

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FF intro logo 1 Resized   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]We’ve all been there, some more than others, but at one point or another we’ve all had to convert a file. But whether we knew how to or not, was the question. Sometimes with this sort of thing it’s simply the lack of knowledge of what to use. The other common issue is how to use it. Well now that you’re reading this article, those should no longer be problems that you’re familiar with.

Previously covered on MakeUseOf, Format Factory is a multimedia file converter that supports a wide range of formats. It has an interface that is easy to use and with a little guidance from this article, you will be converting files quickly and easily in no time.


Format Factory provides a nice balance between useful features without being overwhelming. Many times in programs with an abundant amount of features this becomes a problem. However, as you can see with the interface, it is clean, easy-to-use and straightforward.

FF main   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

On the right side panel you have a choice to choose to convert all files which you’ve added to various file types. Format Factory supports converting video, audio, pictures, and from ROM devices (DVD, CD, ISO). There’s also an advanced tab that has options to join video or audio files together as well as a Mux (Multiplexer) option.

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These are aptly placed as they are more advanced options and likely aren’t used by someone wanting to just do a quick file conversion. However, it’s nice that they’re available. Under the advanced tab there’s also the option to view the media file information.

FF video joiner progress   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

Format compatibility is a primary concern when looking for a program to convert multimedia files. Therefore, I’ve created a table which displays all of the formats that Format Factory supports.

FF File Formats   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

It’s also important to note that when converting video you can customize the conversion for specific mobile mobile devices. You can access these by clicking “All to Mobile Device” under the Video tab.

FF More devices   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

There are many other options in Format Factory. You can designate the output folder, set it to shut down your computer or open the output folder.

FF options   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

Converting Multimedia Files

After you’ve set up the output folder, you’re ready to start converting. Depending on the types of files you wish to convert and the format you want them converted to, open the appropriate tab on the right side bar and choose your file format that you want to convert to, not its current format.

A window will pop up providing you access to change the output folder, adjust output settings, adding multiple files of specific file types from a certain folder destination, and of course adding files through the Windows Explorer window via the “Add File” button. Do note that you can add multiple files at a time through this option by holding down shift and selecting the ones you wish to convert (this method works for many things you want to select, not just in Format Factory).

FF add file   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

Some of the tab options will have a slightly different screen than the one pictured above. For example under the “ROM Device\DVD\CD\ISO” tab, many of the options have custom settings different from the basic “add file” window.

FF dvd to video file1   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

Other Important Findings To Make Note Of

You’ll notice that there’s a banner of sorts that has cameras on the left and mobile devices on the right with “Format Factory” in the middle. The two images on either side are links, which lead to ads and have no affiliation with the program except to keep it free. It’s the downside of using free software. Also, whenever you navigate through the right side column, there will be ripples in the banner – slightly annoying, but there’s not really a way to disable it and it’s not a hindrance to the program’s performance so I just learned to ignore it.

There are also a few different themes to choose from, which is a nice addition. There are also a lot of languages, so you shouldn’t have trouble using Format Factory in your preferred language. Format Factory also has an automatic update notification. It won’t download and update itself – you still have to download from the website and install it – but it will notify you that there’s a new update available to you. Of course you can manually check at any time by going to the Help menu and clicking “Check new version.”

FF autoprompt update   Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]


All in all, I feel Format Factory is a great program. There are some programs that focus on converting specific multimedia file types, such as video, but Format Factory does a nice job in being diverse enough that you can use it for many purposes, not just one. There is email support as well, which is always a plus in the instance that you have trouble that Google can’t help with.

What do you think about Format Factory? Do you use it or use an alternative? Are there any uses for it you’ve discovered that weren’t mentioned in this article? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Format Factory is a multifunctional media converter. It supports converting all popular video,audio,picture formats to others.

Tristan Bananas

Yep, this program is very good for converting audio, images etc files. But for me, the best program to convert online videos to other video or audio formats should be It is free and with simple UI.


SteVen Farless Jr.

Looks pretty useful!

Alex Downs

It is, I’ve used it over a year or so by now and love it.

Harish Jonnalagadda

Yeah one of the best conversion utilities available. And it’s free!

Harish Jonnalagadda

Easily one of the best utilities out there. Does the job very well, and converts even the most obscure of extensions. And it is free. Incredible.


Lisa Santika Onggrid

I’ve used it for years. Take time to get used with the banner but it doesn’t hurt. Fast conversion and it does a good job preserving the quality. Highly recommended since it’s one-software-for-all-format. You’ll rarely need other converter as it supports majority of usual formats you encounter in the internet.


Paul Harris

I used Format Factory just yesterday to convert some audio files. They had an extension i had never seen before….. !ut . It wasn’t listed as a supported type, but Format Factory converted all of them to MP3
Great application…

Alex B.

The !ut extension is used by uTorrent to mark incomplete files. Therefore, your files may not have been completely downloaded when you converted them. You should give them a listen, see if there aren’t any parts missing.


Eath Chantrea

useful media converter.



Good program, thanks for sharing this.



I have read about this app in a newspaper tech review article and really loves this.



You can actually get this working in linux also, it’s my favorite all in one media manipulation tool… this can be installed with wine under linux, it gives an error message when the conversion is over, but it’s just a bug, in fact the conversion is successful…


Imya Last

And this beauty is free? I need the same tool fot mac.


Norbert Gruszfeld

OK, but nowadays what do you use it for? Most of today devices support many media formats.



useful + free…mkv’s don’t on my computer but now i can convert…thanks man

Aditya Roy

to play mkvs on your pc, update your codecs shaurya.
its a better solution than converting them.


Mac Witty

Sweet! Will send it to a friend and maybe get some more free time (use to convert his videos)


Raj Sarkar

I feel Freemake Free Video Converter is the best. It has got a good UI and also has preset for many devices, so no need to go deep into the settings.


Kulwinder Rouri

very useful, i have also write a post on it on my blog


Sam Kar

Thanks Aaron. I have used FormatFactory in the past. The only thing I feel missing is a portable version.


Olga Stanica

I use it and I’m very happy with FF. Especially for its way of handling subtitles.

ion popa

The way FF handles subtitles has made me consider it. Thanks for mention that.


Vishal Mishra

i think it’s a good software, as of now i use “any video converter” to convert videos, but i think now i am going to use this as it can also convert other types of file, but i wonder, what will be it’s size after installations ?!


Vivek Agarwal

i have been using FF since 2 years or more. Its a very easy converter to convert files and not time taking to convert file with maximum extension support. loving it….


Yash Desai

Seems like its a need to have program


Mark Smerdon

This will help me change format of music files that only play with Linux music programs.


Ashwin Ramesh

Not sure if the DVD conversion works that well…


Nara Narusha

wow, I want this! Very useful :)


Jacob Mathew

The interface looks easy


Daniel Wells

It doesn’t convert .flac, .mp4, or .raw files? That’s somewhat disappointing



I hope this works…boy do I need one that does…and that a simpleton can understand!


Kurt Decker

Just downloaded this program. I can’t believe it’s free! All the bells and whistles of more expensive “paid” programs but with without the unnecessary drama. The interface is very “intuative” and easy to use.


Sridharan Doraivelu

Thanks that was what I was needing at the moment. Will try this.


Lex Diamonds


Lex Diamonds

I have been looking for something like this forever!!!! I am definitely guilty of “thinking I found that coveted/rare [ insert any file you choose to use in your scenario here]”
And I open that fully downloaded [whatever], even though it has some strange file format that I have never heard of and………………
[ insert cricket noise here……………..]
I am downloading Format Factory as I write this very post
Let’s hope I can open the download ; )


salim benhouhou

format factory is my #1 media converter on my PC


Tom Bogan

Glad to see this. Have several instances where someone will have a track that they want to use on a different device and this allows me to provide that service to them.


Douglas Mutay

I have discovered FF two years ago and since then I have never feel the need to use another converter software.

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