Forget Your PC – Download Torrents On Android!

android-bittorrent-appsThat Android smartphone or tablet you have is a powerful computer, and it can run a BitTorrent client just like your desktop PC or laptop can. If you’re downloading torrents on your PC and copying them over to your Android device, why not skip the PC entirely? You can download torrents directly on your Android with one of these Android BitTorrent apps. This is particularly useful for videos you might want to watch on the go.

Be aware that running a BitTorrent client on a smartphone can eat data like crazy – you’ll probably want to only download torrents on Wi-Fi. (Look in the apps’s settings for an option that will only download torrents over Wi-Fi.) Even if you have an unlimited data plan, using a large amount of mobile data for torrents might get your mobile data throttled.

There are also a variety of torrent remote control apps, which act as remote controls for torrent clients running on your PC. For example, with uTorrent Remote, you can remotely access uTorrent on your home PC from anywhere, queue up torrents, and manage them on the go.

BitTorrent (Beta)

BitTorrent Beta is the official BitTorrent client for Android. It’s made by the same company that developed the BitTorrent protocol – they also currently own and develop uTorrent. With a reputation like this, we’d expect great things from BitTorrent Beta – and it doesn’t disappoint, although it’s lacking some features at the moment. Unlike some of the other applications below, its interface actually looks reasonably modern.

BitTorrent Beta includes most of the features you’d expect from a solid BitTorrent client, including multiple torrent downloads, bandwidth limits, configurable network ports, and download destination selection. It also supports RSS subscriptions. Unfortunately, one notable feature that’s missing is the ability to select specific files in a torrent to download. At the moment, it’s all-or-nothing – if you want to download a torrent file, you’ll have to download all the files inside it. This feature seems particularly crucial on mobile devices with less storage capacity, so hopefully it will be implemented soon.



aTorrent is another solid BitTorrent client. It includes most of the features BitTorrent includes. While it lacks the ability to download torrents from RSS feeds, it makes up for it with other options. For example, with aTorrent, you can select which files you want to download from a multi-file torrent. You can also enable downloading only if an external power supply is connected – this will prevent torrents from running down your battery. aTorrent also supports DHT for trackerless torrents and can load magnet links, which are becoming more popular.

aTorrent’s interface isn’t as modern, but it includes features BitTorrent (Beta) doesn’t yet offer. The free version includes ads, but has all the same features of the PRO version. For $5, you can buy the PRO version, which removes the ads.



tTorrent is a solid torrent app with a variety of features. Unfortunately, the free Lite version has a download speed cap of 250kB/s, in addition to containing ads. For $4, you can purchase tTorrent Pro, which uncaps your download speed and removes the advertisements.

At first glance it would seem that tTorrent is a prime candidate for passing over – with other apps that have solid free versions to choose from, why try an app with such a crippled free version? As the tTorrent Pro page boasts, tTorrent has the best review scores of an Android torrent app, so they must be doing something right to please their users.

One nice feature is in-app torrent search – rather than kicking you out of the app to your browser browser, as BitTorrent (Beta) and aTorrent do, you can search for torrents and open them from within the app, without having to hunt down torrents manually, which can be slower on a device with a smaller screen.


tTorrent includes a lot of other options and features. All of aTorrent’s features are present, as is the RSS feature found in BitTorrent (Beta). If you’re willing to spend a few dollars for an application with a great search interface and combination of features, tTorrent is a great choice. Its interface doesn’t feel as dated on modern versions of Android as aTorrent and aDownloader’s do, too.


aDownloader is another solid torrent app. While its interface isn’t quite as polished as some of the above apps, it includes a good helping of options – all of the options and features from the above apps are here, including RSS subscriptions. Unfortunately, in-app torrent search seems to depend on Demonoid and is currently broken, as Demonoid is down for the foreseeable future.

aDownloader is only available as an ad-supported version – you can’t pay to remove the ads. Some recent commenters on Google Play aren’t happy with this app and mention that it doesn’t work properly on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it ran fine for me on my Nexus 7 (which runs Jelly Bean).


For more information about downloading files over BitTorrent and using torrent files, check out The Free A-Z Torrent Guide, our in-depth guide to BitTorrent.

Have you tried these Android torrent apps? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment and share your experience!

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Richard Borkovec

Awesome, good to know!


Can you get in trouble for torrwnting on your phone ??


Frederick Doe

Oh boy. I can just imagine the horror of realizing that the phone you left torrenting overnight wasn’t connected to a wifi network like you thought it was. Helloooooo overage charges!

Vipul Jain

well you can always switch your data off if it is connected to a wifi :)


Mwahaha unlimited data, no throttle.



Interesting, download torrents 2 my phone…going to give it a go with all the free mp3 tracks that are out there.



I don’t see any situation where downloading torrents on the phone would be usefull.


Maybe not your phone, but say your travelling, have your tablet with you and free wifi nearby, and you want to grab the latest episode of your favorite tv show…


Simple, with TTorrent you can configure it to ‘only download over wifi”

That way it will only torrent when connected to a wifi network.
I have been doing this for months now. I dont even bother, it automatically stops torrenting when im off a wifi network

Chris Hoffman

Yup, lots of the programs here have this option.

VS Vishnu


Chris Hoffman

Sure, Android isn’t just for phones. I can see downloading media stuff on my Nexus 7.



it don’t work in my country…connection of mobile internet was suck



great.. i’ve never knew that android has torrent softs, thanks for the info.



It’s very useful except the download of big files like videos.


Vaibhav Jain

Hey Chris,
I think you should check out the settings of aDownloader and there you can find that it supports quite a number of torrent websites for torrent search. It’s my daily driver.
Nevertheless, useful article.Thanks


Chinmay Deshpande

That ends all my worries!


rama moorthy

uTorrent remote ..! works well man .. Try this .. You can remotely control your computers uTorrent .. thats all job done. download any software on your computer with your android ..!




Jason Williams

i have always wondered if i could do torrents on my droid. just had never gotten around to looking into it. thanks for the info.


Nehad Hussain

I prefer ttorrent. What about you guys?


Ashwin Ramesh

Cool ! Good to know this ;)



It would be great to remotely manage a torrents download on pc from mobile phone.



Awesome but a huge disadvantage for Big documents :/



Is it possible to run something like PeerBlock on Android?

Chris Hoffman

Not as far as I know, but PeerBlock isn’t that useful in my opinion, anyway.


nuno catarino

How about creating a poll in how much speed the users frequently reach when downloading a torrent from Android tablets?


Dave Hill

I run ttorrent on my Galaxy s2 and on my Arnova tablet- noticeable differences include far higher download speeds on the s2 and the tablet has a tendency to freeze up , altho this was fixed by changing the download speed limit !Nice feature is you can choose where the built in searches come from – pirate bay , kickass etc . great app that i highly reccommend but it will eat your battery if left running

Chris Hoffman

Interesting. Could be that the tablet has slower flash memory inside it.


Dhruv Sangvikar

don’t think whether this may be the case.. but keeping a laptop/desktop on in the night is far more energy consuming then an android phone plugged in for charging.. which is anywaz on.. :) certainly useful in that case…



How to solve the problem of big files download. For example in my phone I just have about 1gb available, if I want to download an SO iso I would need more storage. If the phone is in a wifi network, Can I config that the torrent apps place the files in a remote harddrive?



I currently use Adownloader on my HTC EVO 4g. One positive note that it gives you the choice of many torrent sites to chose from, in case one dies not have the proper file to use.
One thing I have found, xvid files do not seem to play back. I use MX player found at the Google play store. If there are Xvid players that can be used on Android supported units I’d like to know.



I use my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to download just the .torrent file, then move it to a dedicated dropbox folder which autoloads the torrent into uTorrent on my never-off home pc. Benefits of remote without having to upgrade to a newer uTorrent version.

Johnny Hill

New to this just want to see movies and tv shows which do you recommend



but what if you download huge files like 100GB +? could you set the tablet to download the file over to a external HDD, through a laptop or something?

Direct transfer over wifi?



Thanks for tips. I still stick up with because I can use it both on Android and my PC.



hello.. I know this post is old but could you please answer my question.. I am concerned about my nexus 7 battery.

I put on downloading via bittorent overnight almost daily
Will it effect its battery life



hemant kumar pippal

moreover people, pc take much power as compared to a mobile or raspberry pie :).



Torrent is the best of the bunch I’ve found as some of the other clients struggle or give error messages with different types of torrent links, for instance I use a private tracker and the links on there don’t work with bittorrent app, utorrent app, adownloader app or a torrent app. Ttorrent never has a problem with any link whether it be magnet or otherwise, it is stable, has all the torrent info and options you want and downloads at consistent speeds, I’ve noticed the other clients tend to be a bit unreliable on speed….. Torrent for me always :)

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