Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome]

read later fast intro   Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome] The traditional way of bookmarking is going the way of dodos. Tools like Instapaper, Pocket, Delicious, and a few more (like the ones my friend Yaara mentions when she talks about three lightweight tools that help you save pages to read offline), are turning conventional bookmarks into relics. You will notice that she was also about to recommend a fourth member of the tribe when she found that it had disappeared.

Read Later Fast came riding back into the frame and I am happy to say that its second innings is going just as well as its first. Nearly 300,000 satisfied users and not a bad word between them is always a clue that this extension is worth a tryout in your Chrome browser. Read Later Fast has also been recommended by our readers and so is featured on our Best Chrome Extensions page.

The 3 Qualities of Read Later Fast

Let me advertise the three attributes right upfront so you know why you should install this Chrome extension. There’s also a Firefox add-on too.

  • You can save your pages and read them later.
  • You don’t have to keep too many tabs open as you can save the pages for later.
  • You can also read them offline.

Did I Mention That You Can Save Read Worthy Web Pages On The Cloud Too?

You can open a fresh account with or use a Google account to store a certain number of bookmarks and cached pages online. Though it is not explicitly mentioned, and I am not that far out with my saved webpages yet, I believe you can store unlimited bookmarks; apply 1000 highlights a year; and keep cached versions of 30 pages according to the constraints of the free account. Buying the Basic or Premium plans will of course open up more.

The plus is that Diigo has an entire bundle of tools and mobile apps which enable you to access and sync your pages across multiple devices.

Read (ing) Later Fast!

The beauty of a good app lies in its simplicity. The Read Later Fast extension installs in the right-click context menu of the Chrome browser. When you are reading any webpage, you simply have to right-click and save the page to the app. You can also use the keyboard shortcut [CTRL+SHIFT+L] which can be customized via Options.

read later fast 01   Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome]

A successful save is indicated by a neat icon that pops up for a second on top. The icon pops only when the page has completely loaded, though it is bookmarked even when it is loading. Here’s a screenshot of some pages that I have bookmarked and kept for reading later in my leisure.

read later fast 02   Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome]

You can come back to your saved list and start reading them with a click. You can navigate across your articles like a slideshow.

read later fast 03   Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome]

What’s really nice about the reading pane is that it gives you a choice of two views – the original as on the web, and a plain text view (but the article graphics are retained) that’s clear and uncluttered. So, you really don’t need to install a separate readability extension here. The arrows help you navigate to the next article in the queue or the one before that.

read later fast 04   Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome]

Notice the little round icon on top next to the Archive, Delete, and Open in new tab? That icon links you to the Similar Sites search engine which brings up similar sites to the one your article is published on. That’s a nice touch.

read later fast 05   Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome]

You can Archive all your read items and remove them from the main view. Don’t delete them just yet because you might need to come back to them later. Of course, you can “unread” them any time and move them back to the previous queue.

Often, on my vagabond trips far away from a web connection, I have found Read Later Fast to be useful for some casual reading because it also allows me to read articles in the offline mode. The graphics don’t get displayed in some cases, but the text is all there in its original glory and CSS style. And if you find the empty image placeholders annoying, just switch over to the text view.

Read Later Fast also has a similar product search which gives you price comparisons and related product information. But I have chosen to disable it. You can go back into Options and enable (or disable) it.

read later fast 06   Forget Bookmarking! Save Pages To Read Later Offline With Read Later Fast [Chrome]

Stop Reading

I would have liked it to have an annotation and highlight feature. Sometimes, you don’t want to save the entire page but only a section of it. Also, a place to save a note would have been helpful, just to bring a sense of recall to why I had saved the webpage in the first place. Organizationally, an app like Annotary is better.

With Diigo at the backend and its device specific tools, I have less to worry about synchronization between my gizmos and computer. The limitation of the free account could be a speed breaker if the limit is reached but I couldn’t test it to that point. Pocket and Instapaper are slightly ahead in my opinion in this regard.

As a pure page saving app and bookmarking for local use, I would give Read Later Fast a high rating. It is very simple to use and I can use it even without an internet connection. And yes, I can do away with multiple tabs. Try Read Later Fast. Put it in a face-off contest with your favorite ‘read it later’ app and give us your first and final impressions. We will read it instantly!

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Ahmed Khalil

very good addition, it is useful for me thanks for sharing

Dino Pearsons

I don’t like it that this extension installs “Price Comparison While You Shop” as well. It’s a feature I don’t want or need, and it kinda smells of spam a bit, doesn’t it?

Saikat Basu

You have the option to use it. I don’t. It is not forced.

Vincent Tang

I’ve been using this extension for a while now and I’ve gotten into a groove of using it with Google Reader. The great thing about it is that everything can be done in chrome. I can scour the web for articles and save them to actually read or look over later.
For the ones I want to keep for future reference, I save it to diigo and take if off read later fast so it doesn’t get cluttered. Just some insight into my net consumption..
Great article!

Saikat Basu

Thanks Vincent for your insight.


very good, I was looking for something like this!

Suvrojit Mondal

I sometimes use save web pages or use an extension like save to jpg or to pdf…


Here’s some irony for you: I’m in a hurry right now so I’m bookmarking this page to read it later.

James Keehan

Stefano Bossi

Will check right away, awesome!

Javier Vega

Nice, i’ll give it a try to some of this tools, i’m used to have a lot of Bookmarks, but some are just a “one time read page” that isn’t worth marking permanently…the combination of this tools could help me manage better all my pending to read pages.

Siddhant Chaurasia

I use pocket it is something similar to read it later

Ashwin Ramesh

Really useful tool! Thanks!

Boni Oloff

I already using this for a long time, but now i am using save as mht because it is transferable, so i can read the article later in other computer too.

Saikat Basu

Why don’t you save articles as PDF or use this extension in the other computer too? MHT is a bit inconvenient for this thing don’t you think?

Boni Oloff

Yap, but there is different between pdf and MHT. With MHT format you can get the same view as you see in the real browser, and why i am not prefer to save as HTML because sometimes the view will be seem different from the real one, it can change the view. And one big point about MHT is, it can be viewed in all windows computer, because MHT can be viewed in IE. I don’t have to install the plugin too. :D

Saikat Basu

OK…I see your use for it :)

Nikhil Chandak

I downloaded it from the webstore of chrome
it was good

Martin Richardson

Offline mode? What or where is that?
How do you read the saved articles offline. Chrome wont open the ‘read later fast’ tab if you are not connected online. Or, have I missed something obvious?

I want to be able to collect pages about mountain routes and access them in places, like nearby valleys, where more often than not there is no signal or handy coffee bars with wi-fi.

Martin Richardson

I have worked out one way. By going to History and opening a link with gobbledook next to the RFL symbol it opened up the list. Hardly intuitive though, is it? Isn’t there a more obvious way of getting there?

Saikat Basu

Strange, it should open up just fine. Mountain routes? Do remember that in the offline mode, the graphics don’t get displayed in some cases so you may have problems with maps.

Martin Richardson

Sorry, to write so many comments. Using History is OK, however there is always the danger of it being inadvertently cleared before I need the info.

Vinay Singh

very useful… thnx


I have been using this extension for a while. One of the best and useful extension. But it is not loading images in offline mode. It is a main drawback because most of the webpages have images in it.

Saikat Basu

Yes, have mentioned it as a limitation.