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Forecast is a free to use website that provides you with the weather forecast of your current location. The web service is extremely easy to use and it does not require you to sign up or register for any new accounts. All you have to do is visit the website and enable it the permission to read your geographical location through your browser.

Once this step is completed, the weather forecast is automatically displayed along with your location marked on a globe.

The “Right Now” conditions show you the temperature in Fahrenheit along with an icon and descriptive text representing the condition. The ‘Next Hour’ conditions, ‘Next 24 Hours’ conditions, and ‘Next Weeks’ conditions are also shown.

A forecast for the upcoming week is displayed in a friendly visual manner. These forecast conditions include the day label, an icon to represent the conditions, a description, and a temperature bar that shows the minimum and maximum temperature forecasts for that day in Fahrenheit.


There is also a ‘+’ icon present at the end of every temperature bar. Clicking on this icon will open up a breakdown for the forecast according to the time of that day.

Along with these features, the website offers a handful of other features that people will find useful. These features include manually setting the location, viewing a regional map instead of a global one, selecting any day in the past or future to view its weather conditions, and providing conditions for the wind speed, humidity levels, visibility, and air pressure. This latter feature can be seen simply by clicking on the main temperature display that appears next to the map.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Provides weather forecasts.
  • Shows temperatures, wind speeds, air pressure, and more.
  • Displays your current location on a global and regional map.
  • Similar tools: Gismeteo and 1Weather.

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