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There are numerous sites you could go to for current news in politics, technology, science and entertainment such as TIME or Cnet. However, is at the forefront of the online revolution with really interesting video interviews, talks, lectures, rants about politics, innovation and ideas from notable world leaders, political pundits, and industry leaders.

If you just want to feel like you learned something new today, check it out. You will understand a perspective that might have never occurred to you otherwise. It combines what will be the norm in a few years: TV style news and interviews with quality of newspaper articles. The coverage is often light-hearted in tone where appropriate, but hard-hitting in terms of content.

speeches by leaders

The TV function is good. You don’t get this cheaply done stuff with a washed up presenter, bad graphic effects and stolen clips from NBC. They get exclusive pieces and access to press events that actually mean something within their respective genre. For example, when I reviewed the site they had stories about 9/11 and Google’s CEO discussing geothermal energy.

If you have a Facebook account then you can log in using that instead of registering to make comments etc… To view videos, read articles or just browse it’s completely free and there is no need to register.

This is a very useful site and best of all, it works great on the iPhone for when you’re on the move.


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Check out FORA.TV @

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